Picture of Functional Corner Wall Art Shelves
Greetings instructables! This particular design is about two years in the making. It was not until this week that I added more touches/pieces to this functional corner wall art.

It is made of 100% wood (hacked IKEA deck pallet squares) and has LED lights aligning the tops of each layer of the display. Various things have lived within the art/shelves throughout the last two years including a fish, blown glass, and plants.

I am always on the lookout for ways to add to this ever-evolving corner piece in my home. Within this instructable I will include pictures of its development throughout the years, and instructions along the way should you be inspired or interested in creating your own similar piece! Thanks for checking it out!


1: 26 IKEA square deck pallets (the plastic connecting pieces along the edges have been sawed off on various sides depending on their layout/connecting scheme).
2: Hack saw
3: Dry wall screws and anchors
4: Simple black square pieces of wood/shelvs.
5: 4 LED lights
6: Drill and screwdriver
7: Two water fountains, a fish bowl/beta, blown glass, turkey feathers in a mini vise, prehistoric dry/water plant, mini bonsai tree pots, & 3 square shelf units in addition to the 3 black square shelves.
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Step 1: Cutting and creating the squares to align

Picture of Cutting and creating the squares to align
14, 10:22 AM.jpg
14, 10:22 AM.jpg
14, 10:22 AM.jpg
The first step was to plan out how all of the square deck pallets would align/relate to each other. I laid the design flat out on the floor and with a pencil labeled the sides of the deck pallet squares that would need to be modified. Basically they fit together like a necklace clasp and each side of the square is either the male or female side. Doing a mock layout on the floor and connecting each square made it easy to pencil in which sides of each square needed to be trimmed.
sweetgeekychic11 months ago

ah yes. like I need another reason to go to IKEA. ? this is great!

kalito11 months ago

es un trabajo fantástico y muy practico .. me encantaría poder reproducirlo también...saludos y éxitos

That is a wonderful work of art.

-chase-11 months ago

The shelves and walls came out great! Really nice idea.

it serves as both functional and art... call it a "contraction of fantasy" ;-)

Looks artsy and sounds artsy...


It is Art!

dieferman11 months ago

Thanks For Sharing The Idea !!!!

billbillt11 months ago

this is great... constant evolution... i like that idea...

fixfireleo11 months ago

cute! nice shelves too!

cyberminusie11 months ago

Vero noce job

shazni11 months ago

Looks really nice! you could also recycle pallets this way :-)

iamhim201411 months ago
looks great! I've been thinking of doing something different for my living-room. Thanks for the inspiration.
eternalskyjump (author)  iamhim201411 months ago

Thanks Asphalt!

eternalskyjump (author)  iamhim201411 months ago

Glad my instructable inspired you iamhim2014! Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

asphalt11 months ago

This is a great idea and excellent execution.