Functional Redstone Paint Program (without Command Blocks)


Introduction: Functional Redstone Paint Program (without Command Blocks)

This is a paint program i created without the use of command blocks. With this program you have the ability to draw an image on the screen, hit the "save" button, and clear the screen and draw something else. You can load your saved image at any time. It has been made incredibly simple to make things like this with the introduction of new commands semi-recently, which is why this is unique. I have a video on this that i made on my channel if you want more information on it.



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    He probably won't do instructions because look how much redstone there is! That took probably like 2 and 1/2 hours!

    Where's the instructions?? oh yea, and the proof as others have said...

    It's cool but like PRO DR MR BOB said there is no proof of you making it and no instructions.

    also there's no real proof that u made it no offence

    wheres the instructions i mean this is indestructibles lol

    This looks very interesting!

    It would really help if you added a few extra steps to explain more of how this was made. Also, if you embedded the video as a step, that would increase the chances of people watching it. Just a couple tips! :)

    Good luck in the contest!