Introduction: Fundamentals of Design Thinking_Cup Design

Fundamentals of Design Thinking

Step 1: Cup Design According to Ceylan's Favorite Object

Ceylan's favorite object was her cardholder.


Carry always


Make her happy

Favorite color

Step 2: Persona : Hande

Hande is 25 old years and single. She lives in İzmir and works an academician.

Healthy life style is one of the her passion.

She is a tidy person and likes order.

She carries her stuffes with her all day such as; mug, snacks, food, make-up, calendar etc.

Step 3: Brand Identity


1761: Kaspar Faber begins making lead pencils

1784: Anton Wilhelm Faber takes over the company, which is named A.W. Faber.

1839: Lothar von Faber takes over the family business.

1849: The company's first foreign subsidiary is established in New York.

1898: Lothar von Faber's granddaughter marries Count zu Castell-Rüdenhausen.

1905: The CASTELL 9000 is launched.

1978: Count Anton Wolfgang Faber-Castell takes over as CEO.

1994: Faber-Castell re-acquires trademark rights in the United States.

2000: Industrial management holding company Faber-Castell AG is established.

2001: Grip 2001 is launched, innovatives design

2015: Stylus Pencil is launches, smart pen

Step 4: Concepts


Carrying your cup with you all day including coffee, snacks etc.


Bring your soup,vegetables and coffee from home.

First eat your vegeatable snacks or soup, then drink your coffee.

Step 5: Developing the Concept According to the Instructable's Comments

How I will carry soup with me ?

Soup or snacks

Different materials such as glass, wood, fabric.

Green tea or coffee


Step 6: SWOT Analysis in the Workshop Discussion Session

What is SWOT analysis?

SWOT analysis (alternatively SWOT matrix) is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and is a structured planning method that evaluates those four elements of a project or business venture. A SWOT analysis can be carried out for a company, product, place, industry, or person. It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieve that objective.

Strengths: characteristics of the business or project that give it an advantage over others

Weaknesses: characteristics of the business that place the business or project at a disadvantage relative to others

Opportunities: elements in the environment that the business or project could exploit to its advantage

Threats: elements in the environment that could cause trouble for the business or project

Step 7: Developing the Concept According to the SWOT

While I design this concept, I benefit from my persona and brand identitiy which is Faber Castell.

Being sold as a set and mudular are the features of Faber castell that I emphasize in my concept.

The main point of concept is capsules.

These capsules can contain coffee, tea, herbal teas, snacks, assorted nuts etc.

Also, this can be adapt for a brand like Tchibo.

Step 8: Mock-up

I try to adapt my concept to DIY.

I had a travel mug. I started to make mock-up with it.

I bought a kind of tea infuser and attached it to the cap.

Step 9: İdea Inspirations and Sketches

According to comments on instructables and classes, I try to adapt my concept to DIY.

My insipirations are basically tea bags and infusers.

I try to attach infuser the cap.

Then I decide to design a free infuser.

The infuser shape can be lots of things such as animals,life buoy etc.

Step 10: Modelling,stl

After searching for all of these concept, I draw this one.

I decide to print this infuser with 3d printer.

Here is the some pictures and stl format of my infuser for 3d printer.

Step 11: Finalizing

Step 12:


sirinsen (author)2016-11-15

Kapsüllü konseptinde kapsül sürekli kullanılacak mı yoksa kullan-at mı olacak ? Hacim olarak ne düşünüyorsun bir de ? Renderda sanki 500ml gibi geldi bana ? Cam olmasının ne gibi avantajını kullanılıyorsun ?

ayin77 (author)sirinsen2016-11-16

Merhaba. Aslında ilk başta hep kullanılacak diye düşünmüştüm ancak aldığım yorumlarla birlikte bir seferlik kullanılacak kapsüllerde tasarlanabilir.

Sürekli kullanım günlük kullanıcı ve kendisi bu projeyi uygulamak isteyenler için uygun. Tek seferlik kapsülleri ise doğadan gibi markalar için uygulayabilirim.

Cam olmasını temizliğini düşünerek tasarladım, öte yandan daha çevreci bu da personama uyuyor.

Nuriye SultanK (author)2016-10-26

Concept 1 icin, kapanabilme detayı falan eklenmesi gerekiyor sanırım. Yarım daire şeklindeki formun işlevini tam olarak anlayamadım. Snack icin alttaki hazne yeterli olmayabilir, belki formda ve boyutlarda oynama yapabilirsin. Her iki konsept icin, yanında sıcak içecek taşıyacaksın, malzeme seçimiyle daha güvenli hale getirilebilir belki. Concept 2 için, bir cok farklı parça var bunların dha kompakt olmasını düşünebilirsin.

ipder (author)2016-10-25

Konsept 1'deki kupanın altına snack kompartmanı oldukça kullanışlı, hem alta hem üste monte olablir?

Konsept 2'de formun yüksek değil basık olması iki ürün ( çorba ve kahve) için de daha uygun olabilir.

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