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Introduction: Funky Feathered Keds

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This is photo documentation of a project I did earlier this winter. This photo instructable is being submitted for the 'I Made It' Photo Contest.

I was feeling artsy so I decided to do some drawing...on some shoes! 

It took me a long time to find a pair of white Keds, but I persevered and finally found these at a Marden's 5 hours from my house!

I used a Sharpie pen for the feather design, which is on the front/toe part, and on the heel.  It probably took me 3-4 hours to do the pen-work and was quite tedious...but very rewarding! I get compliments on them wherever I go, and a lot of people think that they were printed like that in the store! I have even had some friends ask if they could buy a pair...

It was a very fun project and I will certainly be doing more of this in the future!




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    i love these, you are totally inspired. first thing tommorow i am getting me some keds ;)

    Hi Junebugbanjo. They look great. My only comment which is from experience is that the ink, although perm, might bleed and get fuzzy. This happened to a pair I did a couple of years back. I am going to do it with fabric paint/ink next time.

    Its true, the lines are not quite as sharp as when I first drew them, but they seem to be holding up pretty well...I'll have to experiment with different mediums for future projects!

    Yo' white Keds are just a click away - or Kohls has them also.

    Thanks for the tip! I have admit, I was trying to find them as cheap as possible, but I'll look in those places you mentioned in the future!

    Really Cool!

    Cool shoes! they're like...modern day winged sandals, you know, like the ones Hermes wore, back in the day ;)