Introduction: Funky Floor Cushion

I love these floor cushions. So nice to make and great for bums or feet.

Step 1: Design

Decide on size and design. I made this one to fit under a chair. Draw a paper patern the size you want and add 1/2 " all the way round. For the base:  Fold patern in half. Place on fabric that has been doubled over. Cut round adding another 1/2 " just to the straight edge. Join back together using zipper or velcro.
Unfold pattern and measure all the way round. Cut a piece of fabric this long adding 1 " , and to the depth you want your cushion to be. Join 2 short edges so it is one continuous piece.   For the top; fold patern into as many sections as you want. Cut one out. Use this to cut the fabric pieces in the colours you chose and add 1/4" to each long side.    Join all the sections together starting each one from the outer curve edge.

Step 2: Add Edge

If you want a trim, place this 1/2" from edge of the top piece and tack in place. Then place long side section face down so trim is sandwhiched between the top and the side. Using a zipper foot machine together making sure you stitch the trim.  Next pin the base section to the other edge of the side piece, machine. Turn through

Step 3: Fill

Fill your cusion with old clothes. Mine took a whole bin bag full, great recycling and also makes it heavy so is solid on the floor. You could of cause use hollow fibre or bean bag filler.  


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