From my many experiances of camping in the spring, summer, fall, and winter, I have experianced first hand the misery of having clothes that are damp, wet, or soaked makes the trip really suck. I have learned that the human body can survive without food for 4 to 6 weeks and without water up to 6 days, but quite frankly being wet and trying to survive makes everything a lot harder than it really should be.
The survival umbrella is made out of materials that I found out in the woods one day and so I constructed this to tick off the camping gods.
With the survival umbrella you can finally show the camping gods who is on top.

Step 1: Things you'll need

1- large stick                                         go for taller, thicker sticks
3- medium sized sticks                       thin and semi-arched if possible. Straight ones will work too
2- rolls of Duct Tape 
1- nail
1- rock                                                    to use as a hammer....very tough
1- (optional) saw

Things you will get
1- set of sore shoulders from constantly hitting sticks with a rock
1- group of people looking at you funny while you hit sticks with a rock
1- awesome contraption that will keep you dry
100,000,000,000,000- people that will respect you for used something as awesome as Duct Tape to do this project
I'm a scout to
I agree with <br> <br>michaelhair
This umbrella will also hide you from someone who has an infrared scope when things go bad. These 'bug-out' people just don't think of this.
Great instructable. Congrats on the Eagle, Arrow of Light, religion knot, and OA. I also agree with gbwhitman, please honor your uniform by tucking it in. As my scoutmaster always said: &quot;Tuck it in or take it off.&quot;
My scoutmaster says the same thing. <br> <br> <br>
I hate umbrellas with a fiery passion, but I rated this a 5 anyway. Cool Instructable!!!
I have found that a poncho is a lot more practical than an umbrella. Umbrellas basically just keep your head dry -- something that can be accomplished with just a wide brim oilskin type bucket / flop hat. If the weather is really crappy, a poncho keeps a lot more of you dry and will be a lot lighter than carrying around a few rolls of duct tape.
but you can still carry the duct tape for other purposes...<br><br>...i can't think of any right now, but maybe you could ask MacGyver.
Awesome 'ible, and congrats on getting Eagle. Almost there myself, and am just starting to realise how dificult it can be.<br>Greg'
It is a pretty difficult acomplishment but it is worth it. Keep going for it. It has many awesome perks.
Nice project and congrats on making Eagle Scout. Please wear your uniform with pride by tucking in your shirt. Keep up the good work and that resourcefulness!
Thank you for noticing
I think your presentation is good.
Thank you much

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