Picture of Funky McGroovy's 2011-2012 backpack
If you have not seen my other backpack, you can tell from this I love using Duct Tape. Once again I needed to keep my "duct tape kid" reputation and created my new backpack. This sumer I have become a collecter of all things Coca-Cola, so I figured why not bace my new backpack off of the Coke can. This backpack has one of the strongest frames of any backpack that I have ever made before, and is a half a pound lighter than my old one. 

I saw that Fungus Amungus said that tape would work for the "Make It Stick" contest too. So I figured why not submit it.
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Step 1: Things You'll Need

Picture of Things You'll Need
You will need....

a welder... and all of the equiptment that goes with it
4- 12.5" pieces of 0.5" rebar
4- 7.75" pieces of 0.5" rebar
4- 18" pieces of 0.5" rebar 
2- nylon straps... the longer the better
As many duct tape rolls as you need for the backpack and details... I used 2 rolls of red and 1 roll of white
1- razor blade
Some paper
1- Sharpie

Step 2: Sketch

Picture of Sketch
Start off with a drawing of what you want it to look like. Making it is cool, but using a guideline would be a lot easier and give a clue of what you are doing. 

Step 3: Frame

Picture of Frame
Make a box out of the rebar like the picture. I like making the small pieces first. Then connect them with the "height poles"

Step 4: Straps

Picture of Straps
The straps are the 1st priority. Wrap one end around the far bottom bar. Wrap the other on the close top bar. At this point you can adjust the length of the straps and see where it falls on your back. Tape along the straps so the adjustments will not fall out.  
zjschafer3 years ago
This is sick! :D
Funky Mcgroovy (author)  zjschafer3 years ago
Thank you much
sunshiine3 years ago
Thanks for sharing this! I love the design!