If you have not seen my other backpack, you can tell from this I love using Duct Tape. Once again I needed to keep my "duct tape kid" reputation and created my new backpack. This sumer I have become a collecter of all things Coca-Cola, so I figured why not bace my new backpack off of the Coke can. This backpack has one of the strongest frames of any backpack that I have ever made before, and is a half a pound lighter than my old one. 

I saw that Fungus Amungus said that tape would work for the "Make It Stick" contest too. So I figured why not submit it.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

You will need....

a welder... and all of the equiptment that goes with it
4- 12.5" pieces of 0.5" rebar
4- 7.75" pieces of 0.5" rebar
4- 18" pieces of 0.5" rebar 
2- nylon straps... the longer the better
As many duct tape rolls as you need for the backpack and details... I used 2 rolls of red and 1 roll of white
1- razor blade
Some paper
1- Sharpie
This is sick! :D<br>
Thank you much
Thanks for sharing this! I love the design!

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