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I wanted to make a push cart for my son in time for Christmas.

My inspiration for the design was the Ariel Atom.

*Please note that this is not a step by step 'show how' but If you have any questions, Please message me.

Step 1: Welding

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I used mild steel tubing 12mm and 16mm diameter, the curves were made in a pipe roller.

You can see in the second image that the steering tube is held in place by a pin on the inside of the pipe.

Step 2: Seat

Picture of Seat

The seat is a regular baby car chair which I stripped down and also removed the polystyrene support.

The reason was my son is 7 now and couldn't fit in the seat with all the padding but without it meant it could get wet and I wouldn't have to worry about wet and mouldy "upholstry"

Step 3: Wheel Dilemma

Picture of Wheel Dilemma

It was going to be a three wheeler because I thought it might look better, but after putting it together saw it actually looked too long and was difficult to push without kicking the wheel. I'll change that later.

In this photo you can see I've added the steering mechanism

Step 4: Colours

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I went for a black and orange colour scheme , Its just automotive paint on the orange but the frame is powdercoated .

Step 5: Nose Cone and Decals

Picture of Nose Cone and Decals

The nose cone is made from mild steel sheet which I cut from paper templates. I then just drilled and pop riveted it to the chassis.

the decals I used plain black vinyl and freehand cut anything that came into my mind at the time , the car locked like it had a snakes head sooo.....

Step 6: In Time

Picture of In Time

I finished the project with about 1 day to spare, I was planning to add lights and a siren but decided to rather keep the peace with the neighbors.

In the first of the three photo's you can see the third wheel but in the the other you can see I changed it.


alecvanwyk37 (author)2014-06-16

Exactly the same?

wbannister (author)alecvanwyk372014-06-16

where about are u?

alecvanwyk37 (author)wbannister2014-06-16

South Africa , Cape Town

wbannister (author)2014-06-13

i will pay u to weld me a frame up!

alecvanwyk37 (author)wbannister2014-06-14

Where are you situated?

wbannister (author)alecvanwyk372014-06-15

Cumbria, would pay courier?

pfred2 (author)2014-06-10

Those look like bicycle tires to me. How did you manage to get solid axles for them if they are?

alecvanwyk37 (author)pfred22014-06-11

They are bolted on to one side only, you might think its not strong enough but I can sit in it no problem.

pfred2 (author)alecvanwyk372014-06-12

How about that. I have seen bicycle tires used in projects and people usually come up with some scheme where the axles are still held on both sides. I have a garden cart with what looks like bicycle wheels on it, but the hubs are actually completely different.

savageeuge (author)2014-06-11

you could shorten the floor and put a crank assy and chain to the rear wheel with a derailer.

alecvanwyk37 (author)savageeuge2014-06-11

It was my original plan but ran out of time ..

Mesquite Hugger (author)2014-06-10

I have been looking at velomobile designs lately and would love to see this design adapted for that use. Very cool design!

Thank you so much!
It has a very low rolling resistance, I sometimes put him in it and go
for a short run.

Kiteman (author)2014-06-10

It looks like it would make a good down-hill racer as well (although, maybe, brakes might help there?).

alecvanwyk37 (author)Kiteman2014-06-10

True , but brakes are overrated, they will only slow you down :P

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