Picture of Funky-Retro-Cheap Ass Belt Buckle
Make you very own Funky belt buckle, from a old belt and a tape casset. Be the kool kid with your mates!, The eassiest and cheapest option no need to buy a buckle!

WARNING: upon using this product may cause a noticable increase of females and males staring at your crotch area, use with caution

also sorry for the spelling im dyslexic
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Step 1: Get your equipment

Picture of Get your equipment
The equipment you will need for this is:

1 x belt (one of thoese with the fabric belt and buckle that open closes like a book) see pic for an idea
1 x Cassete tape ( choose a funkest clours if possible)
1 x tube of super glue or any other strong resin (that will stick to metal and plastic)

Step 2: Glueing of the tape

Picture of Glueing of the tape
Glue the tape cable (as i call it) is not a cruicial step but it is ideal to do so, this will stop the cable from accidentaly pulling out if caught on anything.

First glue both openings, so that the case and cable are glued togther.
Second glue the middle, where the sponge is in the middle this is just to make the tape tighter.

also sorry for the blurryness of the photo, the camera's on its last legs

Step 3: Glue the tape to the buckle

Picture of Glue the tape to the buckle
Next apply a healthy serving of glue to the buckle, then choose the side of the tape that looks the sexyest, and stick the buckle in the middle of the tape hold togther for about 20 seconds, and that leave to dry.


Thats it , its as easy as that to make the sexyest belt ever lol.

the best thing about this aswell, is it doesnt matter which way you have your belt and it will never be upside down, either way will still look kool.

WARNING: upon using this product may cause a noticable increase of females and males staring at your crotch area, use with caution

paul945 years ago
great instructable man! i got loads of comments on it
skimmo5 years ago
im dyslexic whats your colour mine is sky blue
no offense on my last comment im just bored
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Man, congrats on being on here! :) I have a dyslexic friend and it's not easy for him. I'm glad that you don't let your disablity keep you from what you like.
hey man this IS FUNKYYYEEEE
Metal4God7 years ago
females looking thats a good thing LOL
guys looking thats a bad thing eww
craig37 years ago
ha ha, the tape in step 3 is a different tape from the one in the intro and step 4
Fblade (author)  craig37 years ago
yeah that was because i had already made the tape in step 4, and had no need for a second one so, just showed you the steps using a 2nd one without actually sticking the tape
Juklop7 years ago
Hehe, an Ass belt buckle.
That is one bad ass motherfuckin' belt man! I'm gonna make. xox
Oh and i just had a thought! To make it even more flamboyant, you could use a VHS tape. vxox
Fblade (author)  chenkerchops8 years ago
LoL now thats an idea, maybe bit hard to move but Think you should do a instructable on it :P
Haha, now that's hot.
Oh gosh, this is amazing! I can't wait to make one. I've got all these crazily-coloured cassettes just waiting to be made into something amazing. Great Instructable, Fblade!!!