Funky Recycled Pet Food Bag Purse/tote.





Introduction: Funky Recycled Pet Food Bag Purse/tote.

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This is a purse made from a pet food bag lined with white cotton from and old sheet and ribbon handles. The best ones to use are made from a plastic fiber. You can also use a paper type that you iron an iron-on plastic (available at most craft and fabric stores) to. This bag can be made with any type of bag to reflect your friends or your likes and hobbies.

Step 1: Materials Needed

One pet food bag(or bag that describes an individuals likes).
Mat Knife
Recycled fabric for lining(I used an old sheet)
Needles or sewing machine

Step 2: Cut Apart Seams.

Using the mat knife cut the back from the bag leaving the entire side seam attached.

Step 3: Cut Bag Front in Half.

Cut the bag front piece in half. Then cut pieces of the sheet to match the same size of the cut bag pieces.

Step 4: Sew the Two Pieces of the Bag Together.

4step 3
Sew the two pieces of the bag together at the sides and bottom with the outsides facing each other.

Step 5: Do the Same Thing for the Lining.

Do the same thing for the lining with the sheet as in the previous step with the bag. (My cat wanted his food bag back :).

Step 6: Stitch the Bottom Corners.

Push the side seam down until it touches the bottom seam and then stitch across the bottom corner about two inches from the point that is formed.

Step 7: Repeat the Previous Step on the Other Corner.

Repeat the previous step on the other corner. This allows for the bag to sit flat. Repeat this with the lining.

Step 8: Turn the Bag Right Side Out.

Turn the bag right side out. Then fold in the top edge about 1/2 inch all the way around.

Step 9: Place the Lining in the Bag.

Place the lining in the bag. Fold down 1/2 inch on the top of the lining all the way around. Then place the seam side of the lining against the seam side inside the bag so that they do not show. Pin the top edges together after placing the ribbon in between the lining and bag on both sides. Sew the top edges together.

Step 10: The Finished Bag Front.

The finished bag front.

Step 11: The Back of the Bag.

The back of the bag. Now it's time to go show off your new creation. My teenagers love it and their friends all want one.



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    WOW, where have these been all my life.

    old blue jeans or old pants make good lining and handles

    for a handle use old purses, lawn chair with the webbing, a back pack, or the handles of a different tote that u r throwing out, or when you are cutting up the tote you are making use the scraps that you are cutting off :)

    awesome! we feed our cats max cat (paper bag) so I will try it with the plastic fusing stuff. and maybe my bags of potting soil or other gardening supply I'm going to be eyeing people's trash much more now!!! Where do I cast my vote??

    shoot! I'm sorry, I'm such a dummy. You were a finalist! that is why I clicked on your instructable in the first place!

    That's okay. I'm glad you like it. As an artist (synonym for pack rat) I see possiblities everywhere. Sounds like you do also.

    As an artist...synonym for pack it! Now I know why I keep everything! ;)

    wondering if I can use some old tshirts as lining for these. also trying to figure out what I can "re-use" for handles rather than purchasing something new. I'm planning some projects like this, with completely re-purposed items, as fund raisers for Earth Day next year.

    You can make handles out of strips about 2 - 2 1/2 inches wide...see thm together lengthwise...

    How about men's ties for handles, old suspenders, or lightweight belts? Those would all be easy to find and fun to use in different ways. Or straps cut from old jeans or cords, with a sewn edge to keep them from fraying.

    Hope this sparks some ideas for ya!