Introduction: Funny Cup Prank (How To)

With this prank you will leave your victims wet and mad while you laugh your pants off. To do this you will only need a cup, tape and some grease. Find out how to prepare this prank by watching this video.


dodo91 (author)2009-02-28

this video is broken. it only plays not even half way, and it frezzes.

mabster (author)dodo912010-07-08

no, it works fine

Shafa100 (author)mabster2011-07-12

yeah wrks fine

really weird narration voice

Frivolous Engineering (author)2008-10-13

Now everyone can have a drinking problem ;-)

stevenscorsese (author)2008-10-11

heh heh - i know a few people this would be perfect to try on

ventsi (author)2008-10-10

so evil would be nice if someone make it to my boss

gagfilms (author)2008-10-10

Hilarious and downright mean! :)

wibrle (author)gagfilms2008-10-10

I agree, but its still a great prank. lol

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