Funny, Easy Computer Pranks


Introduction: Funny, Easy Computer Pranks

Hi everyone!
Here is a fun, funny, and easy way to annoy your friends and family members by (harmlessly) messing with their computers. This one is a simple batch file that makes a message box pop up that says anything you want. The trick: no matter how many times you click OK, the message will never go away! Have fun!

Step 1: The Batch File

1: Open notepad (under Start > All Programs > Accesories > Notepad
Copy and paste these lines into Notepad:

@echo off
msg * Insert your message here
goto top

Be sure to delete "insert your message here" and replace it with your own message!

Step 2: Saving the File

Go to File and click Save As.

First look at "Save as File Type" near the bottom. It should say "Text Documents". Change it to "All Files".

Type the name of your file into the "File Name" box, and be sure to end it with ".bat" instead of ".txt"

Save it to your "My Documents" folder.

Step 3: The Funny Part

Now, if you click on the batch file (which should look like a box with a gear inside it) in your Documents folder, the message should pop up. It will only go away if you restart the computer.

To make it begin automatically when you (or someone else) logs in, copy the file from the Documents folder.

Go to "My Computer", then go to:
Local Disk > Documents and Settings > (Username of Person you want to annoy) > Start Menu > Programs > Startup.

Paste the batch file  into the Startup folder.

Now it will run whenever they log in, and the person will never be able to find it! Mwahahaha!



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If any of you need to do this and cmd is block just copy and paste this into a notepad save it as file.bat change file type to all files save it and open it to get cmd heres the code

@echo off

break off

title C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe



set /p cmd=C: \Enter Command:



goto cmd

Thanks! Now my mom has no idea whats going on!!!

You should add loop on another line it will be AWESOME

You should add loop on another line it will be AWESOME

To Dusty2000 :

error occuring .....C:\user\desktop\already exists.

not working....dont know why....just a bar appears and processing goes on ...and it closes when i click on close botton

I respect your great prank tactic but...

you should make it:
@echo off
md C:\users\%username%\desktop\%random%
goto top
this will make BILLIONS of folders on the desktop
and by billions, i litterly mean billions

But I really wanted to do it to my brother for breaking my computer

1 reply

Do you have Windows 7? It might not work with that, check out Undreamer's comment, it explains how to do it pretty well with Win7. Sorry, this Instructable was made a while back :)

It didn't work when I did it

OK I e-mailed the file to you! :)

hey can you send this through facebook? please reply!

1 reply

Sure... to preserve anonymity though, I'd rather e-mail it to you. Can you PM me your e-mail address?

All I have to say is that Undreamer's way is a lot easier to remember and works on school computers which is <(^-^)>.....

it goes away though right?

i dont want to sound dumb but i'm not much of a computer whiz....

3 replies

oh wait nvm. it goes away with restarting ur computer.... (right?!)

Yup, it will definitely go away if you restart the computer. You can also go into task manager (press Ctr Alt Delete), and end the program there. It will probably go away after a while if you do that, but you'll have to click it a few times. This might not work, it just does on my computer, but restarting the computer will always work.

Thanks for commenting!

ok thanks for clearing that up. Cant wait to try it on my parents computer :D