Picture of Funny Fake Virus Code
This virus will scare your friends if they don't know you did it
if you have any comments or questions leave them
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Step 1: Run CMD

Picture of Run CMD
First you have to run the CMD program to do this
goto programs goto run and type in CMD or Command

Step 2: Setting it up

Picture of Setting it up
To set this CMD code up when the CMD pop up comes up put this in w/out Quotes

Step 3: The Code

Picture of The Code
Copy this Code:
@echo OFF
title Virus Detected Do Not Close Window
echo Virus Detected attempting to remove virus...
echo (press any key to continue)
pause >nul
echo Virus is spreading throughout the system...
echo (press any key to destroy)
pause >nul
echo destroying virus...
echo (press any key to continue)
pause >nul
echo files deleted to destroy virus
echo (press any key to cancel)
pause >nul
taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
echo cancel failed
echo (press any key to restore)
pause >nulecho files restored
start /im explorer.exe
echo files restored
echo (press any key to continue)
pause >nul
echo checking for virus...
echo virus still detected
echo (press any key to destroy)
pause >nul
echo virus is destroyed
echo (press any key to exit)
pause >nul
shutdown -s -t 5 -c "virus infected everything Windows is shuting down"
Remember to save this as a batch file by adding at the end .bat
r_s_knight6 years ago
I would like to ask that how will the next computer user trigger this fake virus code??Or how are we going to delete it???
You would put it in their startup folder in the start menu folder which is in documents and settings within the user's name. i hope it helps :D
Kamal Rex5 years ago
This only works on Windows XP and not Vista or 7.
ImMoRtAl-6 years ago
type shutdown -a in your run