Funny Folder Prank





Introduction: Funny Folder Prank

This will teach you how to make an unlimmited amount of folders in any place you want it will just keep making them untill you exit

i aloud it to run for 5 seconds and it made over 1,000 folders

Step 1: Step 1

All you have to do is type

@echo off
md %random%
goto top

@echo off makes it so that it appears to be a blank screen but actually its making hundreds of folders and the only time it will say something is if it creats the same title twice

then save it in the folder you want it to make the folders in, save it as funnyfolderprank.bat or watever you want just so it says .bat at the end

Step 2: Short-cuts

People probably not going to click on an icon that looks like this

picture so to make it better (funnier and easier to prank people

with) make a short-cut to it, put the actual one in the folder you

want it to make folders in and on the desktop or what they go

to most and right click and say - New - Shortcut - and then click

browse and find the file, then name it something and click finsh.

Then right click on the shortcut and say properties then click

change icon and find the one that looks like a movie film (tell

the person that you found the movie they wanted and downloaded it

on there computer, that way they will think its a shortcut to the

movie and they will click on it then they will think its loading

so they wont exit right away when they finally realize its not

going to load or so many errors have came up they realized

somethings wrong it will be to late)

also just something to know its impossible to delete them using

cmd you HAVE to find all of them and delete them manually... ouch

ha ha

Step 3: Finished Shortcut

When the shortcut is finished it should look like this only with the name you choose

Step 4: Other Instructables

For more of my instructables type in "trivia game" or "how to make a trivia game" click on the one with a red picture and says computerfaker3 on the bottom



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    I know how to get Rid of the files just put

    @echo off

    Del *

    I did this on my virtual machine and I did it in system32 and LOL WUT HAPPENED

    where would i type this

    @echo off
    md %random%
    goto top

    you could just do a command line get command and delete em all at once so its no biggy..

    plz help me i made it on my desktop :( how i can delete it ????

    bro how we can delete these folders ? :( it make me cry :( plz help me :(

    i accedentally left it for about an hour. it created more than 200 billion files! DONT DO THIS ON WINDOWS 8.2

    how do make it make them by the millions