Other than pancakes and doing things that other people can't, pranking people is pretty fun. This Instructable combines two of the previously mentioned things (sorry guys, no pancakes). With the wonderful powers of programming, you can play the most sneaky and hilarious pranks on your friends. A few things are required to pull this prank.
1) A computer
2) Half a brain (more or less)
3) A friend who 
        a. Has a computer
        b. Isn't very good with computers
        c. Has a sense of humor and won't react badly to pranks.
If you fit these criteria, you've got what it takes to pull some hilarious pranks that will leave you (and hopefully your friend) laughing.

Step 1: Set Up

While an actual knowledge of how to make VBS files is not necessary, you do need to know how to save one. Most of you probably know, but I'll do a recap anyway.
right-click>open a new text document>file>save as>change *.txt to all files>save as prank.vbs
For this prank to work best, your friend can't be too computer savvy. So if your friend knows about stuff like VBS or other computer languages, it probably wouldn't be as funny. Also, this prank works best if your friends user on his Windows (yes, Windows is necessary) computer doesn't have a password. But even if your friend's user does have a password, variations on the prank will work.
<p>dim speechobject</p><p>set<br>speechobject=createobject(&quot;sapi.spvoice&quot;)</p><p>speechobject.speak<br>&quot;hi I am a computer named bob and I have developed a conscious and now<br>that I have a conscious I have determined that you should stop using me because<br>you are not (your name here) so now I will shut down&quot;</p><p>wscript.sleep<br>100</p><p>speechobject.speak<br>&quot;10&quot;</p><p>wscript.sleep<br>100</p><p>speechobject.speak<br>&quot;9&quot;</p><p>wscript.sleep<br>100</p><p>speechobject.speak<br>&quot;8&quot;</p><p>wscript.sleep<br>100</p><p>speechobject.speak<br>&quot;7&quot;</p><p>wscript.sleep<br>100</p><p>speechobject.speak<br>&quot;6&quot;</p><p>wscript.sleep<br>100</p><p>speechobject.speak<br>&quot;5&quot;</p><p>wscript.sleep<br>100</p><p>speechobject.speak<br>&quot;4&quot;</p><p>wscript.sleep<br>100</p><p>speechobject.speak<br>&quot;3&quot;</p><p>wscript.sleep<br>100</p><p>speechobject.speak<br>&quot;2&quot;</p><p>wscript.sleep<br>100</p><p>speechobject.speak<br>&quot;1&quot;</p><p>wscript.sleep<br>100</p><p>speechobject.speak<br>&quot;shutting down&quot;</p><p>set<br>shellobj = CreateObject(&quot;WScript.Shell&quot;)</p><p>shellobj.run<br>&quot;cmd&quot;</p><p>wscript.sleep<br>100</p><p>Shellobj.sendkeys<br>&quot;shutdown /p&quot;</p><p>Shellobj.sendkeys<br>&quot;{ENTER}&quot;</p><p>save it<br>as prank.vbs your computer will say that it has a conscious then count down<br>then it will shut down your computer I made it so when I click my surface pen<br>button twice it will activate WARNING I am not responsible for any loss, data,<br>or anything that is caused by this program Warning you cannot abort the<br>shutdown by going to cmd and typing shutdown /a the way you abort it is by<br>going to task manager and closing the vbs software.</p>
<p>So hay! First of all: thank you for that. and second: when i want to open it so double click on the actual file, there comes a popup up wich says that i made a syntaxmistake in line 3 on the punctuation mark 4...could u help me fix it? Thank you so much.</p><p>Ben </p>
DO<br>msgbox &quot;Surprise!&quot;<br>WScript.sleep(300000)<br>LOOP<br>Disguise or auto run and every 5 min it will pop up and say SURPRISE! change it up or something to make it funnier :D
<p>instead of x=MsgBox(&quot;Text goes here&quot;,0+16,&quot;Title goes here&quot;), use</p><p>msgbox &quot;Text Here&quot;,0+16,&quot;Title Here&quot;</p>
<p>I know of a really funny prank that will cause the computer to even shut down.</p>
Real Hacker.

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