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Introduction: Funny / Scary Faces on MS Paint

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So I am going to show you how to make funny/scary faces on paint (Read big message above). The picture below is an example of what I am going to teach you how to make.

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Step 1: Simpleness

Open up A face into MS Paint. I chose Abraham Lincoln.



So take the right half of the picture with the rectangle selection. Get the left side of the selection rectangle about half of the nose. Right click and make sure that you have "Horizantal flip" checked. Hit okay and drag that half of the picture over the the right of the picture, leaving one half blank, and the other half with what used to be Lincoln's left side of his face. Now hit shift + left click. The image below is what you should end up with.

You are halfway done! Congrajulashuns!

I copied that spelling off of the George Lopez show.

Step 3: Ay, Matey, (2?) Last Step(s)

Umm.... Make sure that the left half of the picture is still highlighted. Now drag that over to the left of the picture. Right click and make sure "Horizantal" is checked off. Hit "OK".

Step 4: Tah Dah!

Your done!!!

Step 5: Other Way Around

So, remember in the beginning how I said you flip the right? How about flipping the left? Here is what it would look like:



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    how do you meant to add tags to other people's photos? O.o

    haha, this is awesome! i did it w/ my grandpa :)

    Now, the main reason that it looks wired is because when you mirror the image, the direction of the light flips too. The highlights and shadows will not match up. Also, it may look wierd because Lincoln was known to have a lop-sided head.

    4 replies

    I did not know he had a lop-sided head. interesting!

    Wow, I've never responded to this. Yeah, i've never known that either.

    Did you know that Abraham had a disease that made one side of his face lower then the other so that is why all his paintings are made with him facing partially to the right :o But if u look at a before and after picture of him at presidency you will see how much he ages in the paintings. Just a little fact about him :)

    Hehehe... His head is Extremely uneven : - )

    they look almost real

    I've seen these around the internet a lot.

    lol your sarcasm meter must be broken...

    It's weird because none of our face is perfectly symmetrical. You can try yours to confirm that too.

    1 reply

    I know that for a fact. Because if I get a pimple like 111 mm away from my nose on the left half of my face, a pimple isn't going to grow 111 mm away from my nose on my right half of my face!