Funny Stackable People





Introduction: Funny Stackable People

Seen these funny stackable people once in a store, so thought I would make some myself on my CNC.

They are made from a piece of 10cmx100cmx2cm balsa wood plank. You can get 10 of these from one plank.

If you do not have a CNC machine, you can of course easily extrude the .dxf file to a 3d model, but it might take a while to print, compared to CNCing.

You can use these funny people to stack in many variations, but you can also just line them to use them as dominos, at least that is what my little helper likes to do with them.



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Jimwi, you can open the dxf files with many programs, including free ones and just print them out. I use draftsight, which is free 2d design software

Thanks anykey .

I down loaded draftsight and got it to work but there are on dimensions

just the out line of the man. I don't have a printer plus I was hopping to

scale the men up to make a staking game like giant jenga.

You can click on any component, or draw any line to see the dimension in the properties windows in Draftsight. It is probably easist if you got someone to print it for you, so you can scale it and measure it with an old school ruler

Very cool

I don't have or have access to a CNC machine.

Can you please post the dimension of the men so I can make

a template and cut them out by hand.