Introduction: !!!!AMAZING PRANK!!! Make a Real Joke Computer Game!!!!!!(by Making This You Will Learn the Basics of Computer Games)

Picture of !!!!AMAZING PRANK!!! Make a Real Joke Computer Game!!!!!!(by Making This You Will Learn the Basics of Computer Games)

Ok this instructable will show you how to make a simple game, but it may look like a fun game, the twist is it will scare you when you are not expecting,you will see what i mean


The clip below is the game that you will make. my computer was kinda freezing and pausing during the video because of the hyper cam but apart from that it worked out fine


go here and check out my other prank instructable

also if you have any questions let me know and i will try to help.

Step 1: First You Need Game Maker and You Need to Know the Basics

Picture of First You Need Game Maker and You Need to Know the Basics

if you need game maker or want to know the basic goto my other instructable i made, it is after you read this you will know how to make basic games.

Below is an image of game maker 6.1

Step 2: Ok Time to Get Started

Picture of Ok Time to Get Started

First we have to pick our sprites, i used a small ghost that will be the main character, a gray block for the wall, and some blue bars for the other little things and a diamond or something that looks the game objective, YOU WILL ALSO NEED a scary picture that is about 500 x 500 pixels or more.
1.first right click on the sprite folder add a sprite (images that will be used in the game) this for each image you will use

Below you can see the sprites i have loaded, these will be all the images used in the game except the background.

Step 3: Adding Background and Objects

Picture of Adding Background and Objects

Now to add a background, do the same as you done with the sprite
1.right click on the background folder add
3.load a background you want and press OK

this is the hardest bit,
right click on the objects folder and click add, do this 6 times, the reason for this is that you will give each sprite a command which makes it an object so if you have 5 sprites you need 5 objects but we are making an extra object which will be one of the most important so make 6 objects.

the first object will be the ghost (you)
1.when you have made an object a box will appear . look for a bit that says "", beside this there will be a small blue icon you can click on, click it and find the ghost (or your main character) and select it. look where it says "add event" and click it, a menu will appear, select "Key press" and find "" click it. on the side menu there will be a lot of boxes that you can drag into the actions menu, look for the top first box in the "move" menu on the right side of the object box. The first box will look like a lot of red arrows pointing in different directions. When you drag this into the box another box will appear,where it says speed type 2.

4.There is also alot of arrows you can click on and the button will stick. Because this event it the key press up we want to click the arrow that is pointing up. look at the second image on this page to see how i done mine, yours should look the same.

5. Now we have done that we need to do it for the left and right key, do the same for it,

right key press add event "key press" and find "right" , click on it

3.drag the first box in the "Move" menu into the actions menu. the arrow pointing right.

5.where it says speed type 3 ok.

Now we have to do the same for the left key. add event "key press" and find "Left" , click on it.

3.drag the first box in the "Move" menu into the actions menu. the arrow pointing left.

5.where it says speed type 3 ok.

You do not need the down key in this game, but you could add it if you want just like we done.

Your screen should look like mine on the third image below.
now we are almost finished.

Step 4: The Wall and the Ghost Again...

Picture of The Wall and the Ghost Again...

first we will start with the wall.
make a new object
right click on the objects folder and click add.
where you chose what sprite to use chose the gray block,(just like we done with the ghost) now below where it said click on the check box that says solid(look at the first image below, it should look the same).
Now click OK and go back to the ghost object(double click on it and the object box should reopen).
now click add event and select collision and chose object 1, that should be the sprite that is the wall.
now in the actions menu you will need to find the 2 boxes that are called reverse direction, the picture is in the third image below, yours should look the same.
we have now commanded the ghost so that when it crashes into the wall it will go in the opposite direction.
click ok.

Step 5: The Blue Bar Thing

Picture of The Blue Bar Thing

Now add another object, this time the sprite will be the blue bar. when you done that click add event and chose create. From the move menu drag the first box into the actions menu again. click all the arrows that appear BUT NOT THE MIDDLE BUTTON. set the speed to 3 and click ok. Look at the image below.

Next we are going to add another event, chose collision and select the wall again. in the actions menu drag the command that is called "reverse in horizontal direction" from the move menu and click ok.(look at the second screen shot)

Now add another event, this time select collision and chose the ghost object. now in the tabs down the side of the objects box click on main2 and then drag in the command that looks like a speech bubble and type in the box "you lose" click ok. then drag the "restart game" command into the actions menu below the message command. look at the next image below.

Check through all my screen shots and your game to see if everything looks the same so far.
now move onto the next step

Step 6: The Invisible Wall and Scary Face

Picture of The Invisible Wall and Scary Face

now we need to make another object, use the wall sprite only where it says visible uncheck the box. so in game you will not see this object.
now click ok
now create another object and put the sprite as the scary picture you have.
save the file.
goto and find a scary sound. (a scream works best)
right click on the sound link and click save as and save it. goto to game maker and open your game file.
1.right click on the sounds file in game maker and click add
2. find the sound you just saved OK
4.go back to the scary picture object and click add event and chose create on the main1 tab in the side and look for play a sound command.
6.Load the sound you chose.

check the images and your work

Step 7: The Scary Part.... Lol

Picture of The Scary Part.... Lol

Now go back into the ghost object and add event select collision and chose the scary picture object.
When you have done that on the side menu chose the tab called main1 and drag the first command into the actions menu and select the scary face object. in my condition it is object 4. yours should look like my image.

now we are almost done.

click add a object and select the diamond sprite, add event and chose create, and click the draw tab on the side menu.
look for the full screen icon and drag it in.
look at my second image below for more detail. your should look like mine

Step 8: NOT OVER

Picture of NOT OVER

now we have to make the level.
1.right click on the rooms folder and click add
2.look for the background tab that is at the top
3.look down the side menu for where it says "" and click the small blue icon beside it. choose the background you loaded eariler
4.look for the objects tab in the room properties it is above background you just clicked on.
5.look for where it lets you select objects ( look at my second screen shot) the VISIBLE GRAY BLOCK around the whole level
7.look at my second image and see if yours is the same (does not have to be but you must insert one of each image )

SORRY i have made a mistake
go back to the blue bar properties and select create
look for the movement icon and only use the left and right arrows. look at my last screen shot

now click the tick at the top of the room box and then press F5

IF all goes well the gray bars will move side to side and when you get to the invisible block the image will appear and it will scream and scare you.

Step 9: The Results

Now you can go to file and save and click create executable and then save it on your computer get some one to play it and they will think it is cool UNTIL..........
a random scary images appears and screams at them!!!!! lol

I will make a video soon. IF you need any help or have any questions i will be happy to help

Thanks for reading



Phoenix Flare (author)2014-04-21

Send a link to your game !

I_am_jesuspeanut (author)2010-01-01

I saw something like that at yoyogames it scared the crap out of me. it was called crappernator i think

abun1991 (author)2008-04-01

freaking awesome! I'll have to do this to my adv. comp. teacher! +1 vote. Hope you win

dean-101 (author)abun19912008-04-01

hey, thanks , if you want to know more about game making let me know because i could make more instructables on it plus i have another one so you could check it out

Ebag123 (author)dean-1012009-08-30

Hey could you email me cause my friends and i need your help. You can animate things really well, right? It looks like it... Just email me plz.

abun1991 (author)dean-1012008-04-07

I checked out the other one, it's really good. Do you think you could write an instructable on making an RPG? I used to use Game Maker because of a virus scare with the Dr. Xj add-on (thinking about using it again), and all of the guides on making RPG's around the 'Net stunk.

dean-101 (author)abun19912008-04-07

i will try and make an instructable on making one when i can. there is a lot of codes involved , but you can download a offical trial on rpg game making from game maker

HardCoreHacker (author)dean-1012008-05-27

Can you work with Blinder, a 3D developtment app, and make an Instructable series on how to use it

pengyduck (author)HardCoreHacker2008-08-08

I think you mean blender blender

RedFlash (author)2009-07-01

I forgot to turn the volume down on the headset and I nearly blew my head off!

P.S. You should have tried This it claims to be a university study asking you to turn the volume right up and do what it says. After doing some phony tests, there will be one where you have to click on the object as the sound increases. After you have clicked on it, there will be a second noise, but no object. After a bit, all hell will break lose!

Articas (author)2009-05-24

i played a game like this called dream gate escape ....v-e-r-y scary i shut the lid of my laptop but i had the power on ...LOL

darcydabestason (author)2008-09-23

oh btw email me the answer at

darcydabestason (author)2008-09-23

how does this thing work,it wont come up on my screen,all it says is either i choose the prog to use it on or let the internet can sum1 plz help

The Jamalam (author)2008-08-08

add a sound!!!

The Expert Noob (author)2008-05-03

How about 3D game making?

I dont know how, but if i tell you will you make a Instructable on how to use it?

rocksalt2342 (author)2008-05-13

I tried this on my grandma, i almost thought she would have a heart attack! but she just laughed.

I downloaded the fun game and the gam maker but they both came out as tmp files and i dont know hwo to open those what should i do

xACIDITYx (author)2008-05-03

This shouldn't be in the RC group.

Arbitror (author)2008-03-28

You should have adownload at the end to download the game.

dean-101 (author)Arbitror2008-03-28

there you go, if you want to try it its on the first step

dean-101 (author)Arbitror2008-03-28

ok i forgot about that lol, i shall make it now

dean-101 (author)2008-03-26


duck-lemon (author)dean-1012008-03-27

ok it's an awesome idea i'm definetly doing but do you know how to put game on cd so it will play on other computers

dean-101 (author)duck-lemon2008-03-27

yes in the last step i said to goto file and save and save as executable which makes it a stand alone file for just the game. you may need game maker to play it but i am not sure

duck-lemon (author)dean-1012008-03-27

ty voted and +1

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