I will show how to make funny stuff of an old sock.
First you take a pair of old socks.

Sorry for my bad english.

Step 1: Cornseed

First you gotta get some cornseed wich will grow.

Step 2: Old Socks

Find some old socks that you never will wear.

Step 3: Woodchips

You also will need some woodchips.

Step 4: Buttons

Find a pair of buttons that will be the eyes.

Step 5: Lets Work

Put about 50 grams cornseed inside of the sock.

Step 6: Forming a Head

After you fill the sock with the woodchips, make a nose at the half lenght of the head.

Step 7: Look Who's Watching

Take a needle and saw the 2 buttons in the sock.

Step 8: Let's Raise.

Put the head in a pot and give him enough water like you would wash his head.
Wait for about 10 days.

Step 9: Result No.1

This is the head after 12 days.

Step 10: Finish

After a good haircut he looks just fine.
This is a picture from above, looking in the sock.
what's this?
Hey its Johnny Bravo
That's right. :)))
just make sure that the woodships you use does not have any chemicals
If he doesn't eat it I'm sure he'll be fine.
where could i find cornseed. your project looks like a lot of fun1
This time the cornseed was a little bit coloured, so the sock became red at the top.

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