this isnt a real virus it is just a simple command program when clicked on opens a lot of files

Step 1: Step 1

First open Note Pad

Step 2: Step 2

now type:


Step 3: Step 3

now save it on your desktop as hack.bat if you don't name it this it wont work

Step 4: Step 4

now just click on it and it will open about 200 command files

Step 5: Step 5

there this is what it does to stop it thx to microman171 you can press print screen/sysrq than Alt-F4 if this doesn't work then restart your computer

Step 6:

One Last thing if you really want to fuck up someone else’s computer drag the file into their start folder so when they start their computer it will go off. If there no great using computers the won’t be able to fix it ever.
<p>it doesnt work on windows 8</p>
you said that already geniass
<p>it doesnt work on windows 8</p>
<p>it doesnt work on windows 8</p>
<p>it doesnt work on windows 8</p>
<p>it doesnt work on windows 8</p>
knex guns...lol...i agree but nice post anyway...batch files are fun...
or you could just type hack.bat.... It would multiply exponentially instead of one after another...
I think CTRL+C will stop This,and Of course,THe all mighty Task manager!
This wouldn't stop by opening task manager...
Wow.&nbsp; I pulled this one on myself.&nbsp; I was seeing what it would do and BAM!!!!&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Well, lets just say that Virus went bye-bye.
i made this about a year ago and got it to freeze the computer cos it opened 756 times
thx now i no were mi mate got it from bye the way nice bach file
Your description is misleading: it's not a virus, and it's not funny. There are a <em>lot</em> of essentially identical Instructables- please check before posting duplicates of other people's.<br/><br/><strong>Please, no more &quot;hack batch file&quot; or &quot;fake virus&quot; Instructables.</strong><br/><br/>If you go away and find something worth doing with batch files, then by all means post it, but these stupid &quot;fake viruses&quot; are getting worse than k'nex guns.<br/>
pkm is a party pooper =-(<br/>
By the way, in case anyone is thinking all I do is criticise batch file Instructables and don't submit any useful ones, I'm in the process of writing a batch file Instructable that has saved me untold hours of work in my job- I intend to publish it tonight once I'm done getting screenshots.
I've waited, and waited, and waited, and still no batch file? <pout> I want to save hours of work, won't you be my friend? :-)
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Roll_your_own_version_controlautomated_backup/">Useful batch file</a><br/>
SchaWEET! I didn't realize that this was what it was, my angst was unfounded. You are a true person among persons, PKM! :-) BTW, good piece of work there, too, thanks loads!
Hehe, no problem- glad someone appreciates it. Just, like I say in the 'Ible, don't go spreading it around everywhere because I'm not 100% who owns the intellectual property, so this is "for illustrative purposes only".
God I hate these, I actually know professional batch (and even how to run the Microsoft system 32 us robitics.dll's
Heh, the only people who <em>don't</em> hate these are the people making them. I'm curious- professional batch? I mean, I use batch files at work, but I don't like it. I'm also puzzled by your reference to robotics.dll- the only thing Google turns up is actual robotics projects in C# and references to bots and viruses etc.<br/>
+1 my friend!
Word up PKM!<br/><br/><sub>ROGER!!!</sub><br/>
Ditto to that
that is funny my g-ma (grandma) opend it up and got scared. (hee hee) ;-)
You fail at failing. Do this: :fail start goto fail
| 837 `/0|_| 7|-|||\||< `/0|_||2 |23@1 1337 |\|0vv...
<pre>in english please?</pre>
hehe! It says: I bet you thing your real leet now... I mean, fail at failing?
<pre>thats better,i dont think this instructable is worth the effort of writing that out in funny symbols.i think it should be taken off the site and the creator shot (of this instructablethat is)</pre>
Shot? Wont that be quick and painless? Im all against this. Drag it out with painful viewing sessions of furies.. Really horible ones.
You mean furries?
Yeah.. dam my englash!!! ( a simple error) -Cheers, Chris
Didnt ake that long? And just because this guy is a 12 year old, doesnt mean he should be shot...
<strong>yeah it does</strong><br/>
i dont get it-you type this into notepad?
You write out the commands in note pad then change the File extenstion to .BAT
PKM is right I've already seen a million of these, and I don't like k'nex guns either.
I like knex guns... The good ones are good. Epic Fail guns are Fail
For all of the victims out there: If some person is alughing at you because you have opened this virus on accident, press the Pause/Break button. This button is located next the the print screen button. What this will do is just stop it. Next hold down Alt + F4. That should get rid of all of the tormenting things. Dont be a victim and restart.
thx I will put that in to the Instructable
You puch the pause break button (its *next* to the print screen button) *After* the program stops, you can hold down Alt + F4 and that should clear them all up nicely.<br/>

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