Step 11: Calibrating the controllers for the first time

Picture of Calibrating the controllers for the first time
Next, you'll need to calibrate your controller for use.   Like the last step, this step only needs to be done once.

Launch the program, "PPJoyCOM" and set the Com Port to match the one you found earlier with Propeller Tool.

Calibrate your controllers:

Leave PPJoyCOM running, click on Windows START --> Control Panel --> Game Controllers.
  • Click on Properties
  • Click on the Settings tab
  • Click on Calibrate
Use the thumbstick on the N64 controller for calibration.  All of the other controls will fall out fine.
You'll be able to see the controller and buttons work in the test window.  

Congratulations!   Your Funtendo is ready for use!   Simply Launch PPJoyCOM when you want to play and take off!