Step 4: Building the brain

Picture of Building the brain
The brain of the Funtendo is a Propeller Platform and the Terminal Module from Gadgetgangster.com

I've used the Terminal Module, as it makes it very easy to connect all of the wires from each controller.

Build the Terminal Module, installing each of the screw connections, then the pin connections which plug it into the Propeller Platform.

Next, using a USB "A" cable, connect it's black and red wires to 5v and Gnd on the Terminal Module.
This will provide the power required for the project.   (I used an old USB cell phone cable.)

soshimo3 years ago
Gadget Gangster, I love you guys (the Christmas present two years ago was the best!), but this seems almost a bit of an advertisement. The fact that you are using two pieces of gear manufactured by you is a bit of a red flag. Kind of like letting the foxes design the hen house. You might do your readers a favor and show them how to do this with a breadboard in the event they can't afford the very affordable modules you provide. Otherwise an outstanding tut!
blossom92833 years ago
How much did this cost you?