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Introduction: Fur Your Laptop!

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Make your laptop nice and fuzzy like a stuffed animal in a few minutes.

Fake fur is the most wonderful thing ever on a computer. I tried this once with adhesive-backed black velvet but I like the fur even better. Also it is not permanent. The fur should probably stay put during general use but later you can pull off the fur and glue and no one will ever know your furry secret.

This project is inspired by this amazing teddybear computer and HalcyonPink's awesome Fur Bike! that I love so much.

I didn't fur the bottom of the computer for fear of overheating. Ideally it would be great to have fur all over every surface including the keyboard but we'll have to start with the back of the screen for now.

While you're here feel free to take a look at Surfing the Waste the musical-documentary about dumpster diving I made with my friends back in university. 

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Las Manualidades.com has done up a spanish version of this.

Step 1: What You Need

-Fake fur (I used stretchy stuff to allow for imprecision)
-Glue gun

Step 2: Start Gluing!

Grab a corner of your fur fabric and glue it onto a corner of your laptop. Leave a small amount of fur overhanging on the corner and trim it off later. You may need to chop a square off the corner of your fur if your laptop screen is thick. Generally the fur is pretty forgiving material because it can disguise your cuts, especially dark fur. Starting at a corner allowed me to orient and position the edge of the fur with one hand.

Lay a 1 or 2 inch long bead of glue along the edge nearest the screen that is not on the same face as the screen (see diagram). This way your laptop will still close properly. I used a short bead because the glue cools quickly and little patches are easier to work with.

Press the edge of the fur onto your glue. This gives you a nice thin glued area that is pretty much invisible.

Continue like this along both edges radiating from your first corner.

Step 3: Keep Gluing

Now that you've glued along two connecting edges, pull your fur tight (or at least not loose) and glue it along the next edge and then the final edge. On this fourth and final edge you may have some problems with too much or too little fur. In my case I had a teeny bit too much slack. I distributed the slack evenly over a 6 inch length and this eliminated the problem. It's probably best to glue the hinged side last because this side is the most hidden.

Step 4: Start Cutting

Now cut! Cut the fur from the fur-less side with a cutter to keep your fur nice and long. So cut from the screen side out toward the edge (see picture).

And do any clean-up cutting from the outside with the blade pointing toward the screen (careful now). This is where you'd trim off any blobs of hot glue that leaked out when you pressed the fur down onto the glue.

Step 5: Enjoy

Touch it. Feel it's furry majesty.

When someone asks you about your furry laptop. Feign surprise and say "What, your's isn't furry?"

Also as I said in the intro the fur is notpermanent. The fur should probably stay put during general use but later you can pull off the fur and glue and no one will ever know your furry secret. So you can completely remove all the fur and glue if you want. Not that you'd want to :)



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    Cheers! Looking forward to seeing it :)

    I love this idea! ;) thanks everyone for the ideas on how to not ruin the lap top! I'm using long white faux fur for mine. I have a qompac laptop

    I made it!

    Using your method, but not directly glued on the lid (a layer of masking tape in between).

    10 replies

    Oh, masking tape! Very clever. I hope it's high quality tape. I remember sometimes crappy masking tape can leave an annoying, crusty layer of adhesive when it's been on for a few months. Electrical tape might be good too.

    The masking tape I used seems to be good enough. Let's see in some years... IMHO electrical tape would not be as good as masking tape, because the hot glue would not adhere so well.

    How's the masking tape holding up on your fur computer?

    Masking tape taped directly on laptop, fur glued on tape with hot glue.

    Right on. Is it still holding securely as the years go by?


    Maybe I should change the fur (moved from Ubuntu to Linux Mint since a few years) , and see how the tape turned.

    BTW, I furred my tablet recently.

    hi laxap

    how you made the ubuntu logo ?


    im in love with that fur whered you get it

    I have great news!

    This posting has won today's "I Made It" Challenge. For winning you will receive a 3 month pro membership!

    Thanks for using instructables!


    Thanks! This awesome challenge motivated me to finish many of the things that I started once (starting is easier than finishing!). I enjoy making new things, as well as making cool things that others post!

    Interesting. I think using a sticky-backed velcro or gluing the fur onto a snap-on laptop case would also work if you don't want to glue directly onto your laptop.

    1 reply

    Sure, I suppose that could work fine. Over the years, the glue has tended to peel off the laptop and stick to the fabric so it's been fine for me. My computer has smooth surfaces that unglue relatively easily with hot glue.


    i made it too ( late , i know but now see the tuto )

    great one snotty

    here is mine

    also if have any idea to decorate laptop share it

    3 replies

    That's awesome! Thanks for posting your pics.

    I wonder if the white will get dirty over time. Mine picks up some lint but I just brush it off. Mine also picks up lots of amused comments but I don't brush those off ;)

    thanks ,

    yes , if it get dirty i replace/clean it ,

    Or just keep it dirty so nobody wants to steal your computer :)