I’ve been wanting to make a fanny pack for a while now, something that gives me easy access to coins and notes on market day. So, the other day I set to it and had it finished in less than a day.

It has rabbit fur exterior, leather bottom and straps, and fabric interior. There’s a zippered pocket for a phone and big notes, a couple of flat, open pockets for the notes you want accessible, and a large central pocket for coins (or whatever). I used it the other day with great success.

As a prototype, there are some things I would change (like making it slightly larger), so I’ll include the improvements in the article. You can also use the principles of the fanny pack to make a handbag instead.

For those of you with ethical questions regarding the fur, we raise rabbits as our family’s source of meat. We tan the pelts because the fur is gorgeous and the leather is soft, and because they would otherwise be thrown away. Click on these links if you’re interested in knowing more about raising rabbits, tanning your own rabbit fur, or more information about this project.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

  • 3 rabbit furs
  • Pliable leather (like suede) - enough for 2 straps (2” by 36” total) and the base (3” by 8”)
  • Fabric (less than 20” of a yard wide material)
  • Zip (up to 7”)
  • Magnetic button clasp
  • Push-in fastener (to fit the width you want your straps to be)
  • Tape measure
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing machine (if you have it)
  • Pins
  • Thimble

<p>I bet it's really really comfortable. </p>
<p>I made one a 5x7 shoulder bag for stuff like that works great.I might put some fur on it like you did.</p>
Use faux fur to get rabbit fur they rip it off the rabbit alive
<p>The fur comes from our own rabbits, which we keep for the meat. If an animal experiences terror before death, the meat is tainted (chewy and can have an odd flavor). So, such a practice would not just be mindless cruelty, but also very counterproductive.</p>
<p>Nice, OP. Thanks for being humane. </p>

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