Picture of Fur and Suede Winter cloak
This cloak is remarkably warm! I play a live-action role-play game called Amtgard; and I’ve worn these cloaks in below 0 degree winter nights for hours on end, and have been warm and toasty. Make one, and be the warmest person you know this winter.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send me a post and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Step 1: Step 1

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This is the pattern you will use for this cloak. Size will vary from person to person, but the shape will stay the same.  Start with the suede. 
This will be the outer material for the cloak.
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Drakas858 months ago
I guess it didn't post the first time if it did I apologize for repeating myself but I want to make one using real pelts and a detachable mantle/half cloak and I wondered if you have a pattern for that.
Drakas858 months ago
I'm assuming you used faux fur. My question for you is if you know of a method using actual pelts. I want to make my wife one for her birthday. But I wanted to make it with a detachable mantle/half cloak. Perhaps you have a pattern?
I like how you used a six piece layout. I was gonna use four piece circular layout for mine.
I love it! Been looking for a cloak for RPG halloween party. I'm a fire demon so this would be awesome! Only I would probably just do the edges in fur. I'm in the south so I would roast alive if I completely lined it. This is a fabulous piece!
i love your winter cape and i'd do it myself but i can't print " pdf" .

do you send it to me please??

awoodburn3 years ago
If you have the time on you, you could consider making and selling these by custom order. You'd make a killing on cosplayers and fantasy fans like myself!
JaelynRae3 years ago
Your cloak is truly beautiful! Mine is somewhat plain and you have inspired me to rip the inner fur seam and add a deco applique on the back :)

Below was my inspiration for making a cloak and stumbled upon your page when I was searching for the best type of faux fur to use. I LOVE embracing the extraordinary. Nearly everyone has a "winter coat" of some sort, however not many have a custom winter cloak :) Hopefully pages like yours will inspire more people to set out of their comfort zone and try something new!
You have WAY to much time because you can hand sew all that fur. How much time did it take you?
I just made one very similar except with arms instead of armholes. The hand sewing of the fur took about 3 hrs altogether, usually working on it 20 mins here and there.

I would also add that in addition to sewing the fur (using really small, strong stitches), I added a zigzag line of WashIt fabric glue since the fur is very heavy and I didn't want to risk it pulling stitches with wear. Make sure if you do use glue that it is safe to wash once dry and that it does not bleed out onto the outer suede fabric (it will stain and look awful). Also make sure whatever glue you use stays soft and flexible once dry to move naturally with the fabric.

Anyone can find the time if they really want to. That old cliche is absolutely true that where there is a will, there is a way!

Jealous much? I'm sure this cloak was worth every minute you put into it as it is stunning! Fantastic work!
Moennet3 years ago
Ahhh! You're in Amtgard!? Oh, please tell me you're in the Duchy of Thor's Refuge!
Rissy3 years ago
Thank you so much for posting this online! I looked every where and yours has been the closest to what I was wanting to make and it is absolutely stunning. I made this Winter cloak with printed suede and mink and its not as stunning as yours but it is amazing.

As for the people who want measurements I am about 5'4” and I used a total of 4 yards of each. Although I am thinking of adding sleeves to the pattern so I initially used 3 yards. But as was stated it really is up to you how long you want it to be and then go from there.

Thanks again for being so awesome! I loved it!
There is a way to sew fur by machine. This method won't eliminate all of the hand sewing in this lovely cloak, but it will take away a good portion of it.

Carefully trim the fur from your seam allowance by holding your shears at a flat angle to the fur. Get rid of as much fur as possible, right down to the backing.

"Pin" your pieces together using paper clips, clothespins, or bail clips. Stitch using a leather needle and long stitch on your machine. Don't backstitch as too many holes will perforate the leather causing a risk of tearing.

Sometimes the suede grips your throat plate. Slipping a strip of waxed paper between the suede and machine will help - sew right over it and tear it out later. From the right side, pull out any long fur that got stuck in the seam using a tapestry needle or crochet hook.

If you do a lot of sewing on fur, a pair of barber or grooming clippers makes very quick work of the fur-trimming step. The blade will dull quickly if you are trimming fake fur, just like any synthetic dulls shears.

Good luck!
Approximately how many yards of fabric did you use for the fleece layer?
Royal Jade3 years ago
This is GORGEOUS after I get my sewing machine fixed I know what I want to make next! Thanks for sharing this lovely cloak!
WhyHello3 years ago
THe fur looks great! but im going as red riding hood and i didnt want to use the (ironic) fur, (I'll be with my dog a big, wolf-like, husky*
should i use something else? now im worred about it coming out too plain
WhyHello3 years ago
thanks, Instrutables is the place to go if u want a good costume :)
08motooley4 years ago
thinking of making it in green for the ghost of christmas present, thanks
poofrabbit4 years ago
Oh wow this is stunning!
piratecaptain1 (author) 4 years ago
it is different per person the best way to go about it is to drape on the person and decide what length you like best. there isnt a right or wrong with this it is based on personal preferance and comfort. i wish you good luck

StoryAddict4 years ago
I'm making a basic Little Red Riding Hood cloak for a friend using your template since it's very similar to the one Amanda Seyfried wears in the movie coming out this week. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on sizing for my friend: She's 5'8" so how long should I make it? Also, is there a particular rule-of-thumb or degree of slope/angle for the slanted pieces I should follow? About how far down do I want to make the armslots and how large should the openings be?
Nagarok4 years ago
This looks great, I'm thinking of making one, but would you be able to give some dimensions, like, You're X tall from shoulders to floor, and you made the A pieces Y long

Because I'll be making it for somebody else, and probably won't have access to them while I'm making it, eg try it on them for size, then trim before finishing touches etc...

It would be a massive help, but it's such a great design
Iv been looking for something like this for years!!! This is awesome!!! very nice job!!! :)
OMG this is so awesome! I only wish I could make one like that. It would be so great for the Renaissance festive. Best thing I have seen on the site for sure! Good job.
Grave_135 years ago
Awesome! And I love the design on the back!
BECKBERRY5 years ago
This is so cool!
Dragonothe5 years ago
Lovely piece!  I make Victorian Reproduction Gowns and I've been looking for a cloak that I could use. 

Thank you for posting.
aquasonic5 years ago

wow,so beautiful design

piratecaptain1 (author) 5 years ago
DIY-for life i play at Caradoc Hold (Rochester NY), do you play? 11steve11 im so honored by your coment and your vote. you realy brightened up my day! Blackrose, i did not know it was called a satin stich. thank you for teaching me that. i also know that it is not the only type of applique, that was a mistate on my part with the writing of my instructable. i myself do not do 3 passes. i do 2 because i use realy thin thread and like a thicker fuller look. i also do not have one of those feet. my machine only came with one foot. i will totaly go get one now that i know it exists. thank you ,your comments have been very helpfull, im still new at this and could use all the advice i can get.

- Captain Anne Cash
Duchy of Caradoc Hold
I think if you get a satin stitch foot and play around a bit with going slower as you sew, you'll be able to better get the full, thick look you want in one pass rather than two and be able to use less thread. It also makes it easier to steer around the tight spots.

Also, if you like the thick full look for the way it stands proud of the fabric, then you might want to consider couching a long piece of yarn around the design and then satin stitching over it. Couching basically just means sewing down a decorative line of yarn by zig-zagging over it with a long stitch.

Keep turning out work like this and you've got a bright A&S future ahead of you.

BR of NW
piratecaptain1 (author) 5 years ago
hey ,i was wondering if people could rate this for me. i noticed only 2 people have rated it so far. thanks. :) also thank you to everyone who has comented so far, it means alot to me to know what people think about my work.
11steve115 years ago
WOW! I've seen movies that didn't have wardrobe pieces this good. You've inspired me to make something similar out of wool and your entry gets one of my votes.
where do you play at???!!!!!!
"This part is called appliqué.  For those who don’t know, this is a very close zigzag stitch that attaches one piece of fabric to another."

That statement is a little inaccurate. Not all appliqué uses a satin stitch (that is the proper name for the super close zig-zag.) In fact, you were doing appliqué when you first ran your stabilizing stitch to hold your decorative pieces pieces on in preparation for the satin stitch.

Also, you mentioned that you need to sew over the satin stitch something like 3 times to make it look nice. You probably need to play around with your machine's settings some more (or have it tuned up), since most machines SHOULD be able to do a clean, even satin stitch in one pass when properly set. There is also a specific satin stitch foot that has a wide channel for the stitching to pass under which prevents the foot from catching the threads and spreading them or causing the machine to hang. Most machines come with a satin stitch foot, or you could buy one separate if yours didn't for some reason. It's worth it if you do a lot of appliqué, as it will save you a surprising amount on thread (it's one of those costs you don't think about until you're not spending as much on it)

Kingdom of Neverwinter
piratecaptain1 (author) 5 years ago
EVERYTHING IS FAUX!!!! im so sorry for not mentioning that before. I deplore animal cruelty in any form.
 I hope it's faux fur. The fur industry is cruel and barbaric.
b1russell5 years ago
OK, so mine is functional, but this is a work of art!  Did you use  fabric-store suede and fur, or is this natural (if politically-incorrect) animal-based suede and fur?  Great constructions, by the way.  Very easy to follow.
red-king5 years ago
 awesome! it looks really good with that design on it.
Psychobwuk5 years ago
Woah! That is fantastic. Awesome job!
Beautiful! Something seems almost magical about it.
Amptgardians really know their way around garb.
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