I hated the furniture that came with my AK. The stock looked terrible, and the handguard was loose and ugly.

So I picked up a set of Romanian AKM furniture for about 35 bucks and proceeded to switch out everything.

It took alot of carving and sanding because they pieces were slightly too big to fit, but it's very tight;y put together now.
I know this is an old instructable but I figured I should chime in. If you live in the USA, your weapon is now in an illegal configuration. A foreign semi-automatic weapon with a detachable mag and pistol grip is not 922r compliant. In order for your weapon to be legal, you must change out 6 parts with made in USA parts. This converts the foreign weapon to a made in the USA weapon. I know it's dumb but it's the law. <br> <br>I would swap out the pistol grip, stock, hand guards and the 3 parts in the trigger group. If you want to keep the foreign stock, grip and hand guards, you can swap out the 3 trigger group parts and use USA magazines. If you only swap the trigger group, putting a foreign magazine in the gun would make it illegal again. Aren't US gun laws fun! <br> <br>Here is a link to some more 922r info. The site also sells all the US parts you need to convert an AK type weapon. http://www.tapco.com/section922r/
wow is it real or what dont brng that out
What?<br><br>No this is just a range toy. I carry a Glock 21 when I'm out and about.
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Please improve spinning and grammar. It's a useful skill in life.
Beautiful. They should come stock like this. Is this a Type 56?
Chinese NHM 91
The site's name is &quot;INSTRUCTABLES&quot;, which hints at DIY projects with &quot;INSTRUCTIONS&quot;. To be an INSTRUCTABLE, needs to have instructions of what you did, how you did it, and what kind of tools to use.<br>No disrespect, but this is just showing two pictures of a weapon.
agreed mrlunna13
I notice that you haven't posted any Instructables yourself. If you have, you would have noticed that there are 3 general methods of creating and shares an Instructable. The 3 methods are via a picture gallery, where you may show of a few photographs of your project, and is generally used for fast or easy projects, where the author intends to either showcase what they have made, or because the steps in creating such and object are intuitive or extremely easy. The second method, by far the one used more than any other, is an in depth, step by step walkthrough of the necessary steps to create the promised object. Including detailed instructions, and often helpful photographs and diagrams, these Instructables are excellent for projects which are highly complicated, or feature many steps. The last method is through film or video, which may be done as such to 'streamline' the Instructable, or to show certain movements which would be difficult to explain through text. <br> <br>I chose the Photo method of producing this Instructable because of the simplicity of project. If it were in a step by step format, there would only be 3 steps. The first showing the before picture, the second explaining that I sanded and carved to make the pieces fit, and the third showing off the final product. <br>
I like the new look of the piece, but I think the Instructable would have been more educational with a few more pictures of the sanding and carving as well as measuring for fit.<br><br>Just a thought, but thanks for the ideas about how to improve things protected by the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.