This is a dolly I made at TechShop Detroit and then completed at home: TechShop for the Sliding Arm (chop) Saw and the Drill Press.  I use the dolly under my office lateral file to raise its height, route cords out of the way and to be able to move it around albeit carefully.  Caution: Lateral files can get heavy and if you top load them (i.e. heavy stuff on top) they will be inherently unstable and this dolly will only make that more dangerous - use common sense.  For those of you who have worked with furniture dollies in the past you will notice that mine is "upside down" - I wanted the front edge to be lengthwise up at the bottom of the cabinet (esthetics). 
NOTE: Furniture Grade in this case meaning a dolly that does not have to make a living at working. 

The skills that this makes use of is:
  1. Measuring
  2. Dimensional layout
  3. Use of power tools and some hand tools
  4. Precision assembly
TechShop: http://www.techshop.com

Step 1: Safety and My Background

SAFETY: This Instructable is not intended to fully inform anyone on the use of either hand tools or powered tools - seek out help when there is any concern and use reasonable common sense in the use of any tool.  Proper safety equipment should always be considered mandatory!  They sell safety glasses with bi-focals in them...I know, I use them...no excuse not to wear them.  Hearing protection is a must, as well, anytime there is a motorized tool in use...again no excuse not to wear either muffs or the ear canal foam plugs...or both! 

BACKGROUND: My background is that of what I would call the average guy that enjoys putting things together and is willing to tackle most any project - with the exception from the "average" in that I spent almost 3 years as a short run production commercial custom cabinet maker in college.  Next to my dad, the "Bigger Hammer Principle" crew of Dean U. (owner), Al S. (foreman) and Tom B. helped to instill the craftsmanship I bring to any project.  Let's keep in mind that college was 30 years ago and more than anything else the cabinet shop spoiled me in that I remember how little time it took to produce high quality work using very expensive precision tools.  The TechShop goes a long way in reproducing that environment!  If you are lucky enough to live near one check them out.
<p>Thank you! </p>
I did this to carry a 115# Trojan Battery. It looks and works very nicely.
Dr. Bill - I am glad to hear! Thank you for giving it a go and posting the comment.

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