Furniture Trash Turned Treasure!


Introduction: Furniture Trash Turned Treasure!

Start by finding a trash piece of furniture somebody left at the side of the road, like I did or make use of your local thrift shop.

Next here is the main thing make sure you grab something that's real wood, pressed or particle board just won't do...

Once you have your project piece sand it down like there's no tomorrow, after you sanded it down then make your plan for how it should go, I decided to stain and polyurethane coat the drawers and the top. While just staining the sides with out making them glossy.

* key to properly staining wood it to make sure you condition your wood and wipe the stain off. Its not paint so don't treat it as such.

After I stained it I knew I wanted to break up the purely wood look so I decided to go with white paint on the front. (Since the wood was so dark) One thing with this is you always have to be creative with problems that come to get you, hence the strip on the side. The dresser came with a spot of wood putty on the side that wouldn't stain so here comes improvisation I added the white line.

Just a few new knobs and a little work and you can do this in about a day if you rush the dry times. Just remember be creative with your problems

What you need,
Sander with 120 or 150 grit
Polyurethane oil base
Pre stain conditioner oil base
Stain of your choice oil base
A few knobs
Some left over paint
Paint brushes and rags
And that's about it guys

Step 1:



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    Beautiful job! I like to try and re-do furniture, just wish I had a garage to do sanding, basement gets way too messy.

    1 reply

    Use your shower if it's a cabin or curtain version. :)

    Question, did you use any primer for under the white paint, and did you use brush or roller? My painting over old furniture never seems to come out that well.

    2 replies

    Thank you! Well my trick is to use exterior paint, and to sand it down with about 220 grit before that so you don't have to worry about paint ridges. I actually use the cheap angled foam brushes, and do about 3 coats. Ohh and no I don't use primer

    Thanks for the tip. I have been using interior paint and either those foam or regular rollers or a brush, so that may make a big difference. Will try your info on next project and let you know, have to wait til the snow melts to get stuff outside to sand!

    This is a great dresser! I would love to see some step-by-step photos of your process!

    1 reply

    Thank you I really appreciate that! And my next project I put up here I will do that, however I did not know about this site before I did it. So sadly I only did before and after but I will in the future