Before and After pictures of  re-vamped salvaged furniture.
All done for my own use.<br><br>Techniques:<br>TV tray: paint and decoupage, I used a picture from a calender<br><br>Cabinet: paint and decoupaged wrapping paper, I also replaced the knob<br><br>Wooden chair: sanding &amp; stain, polyurethane. I created new seat from wood, foam, and fabric<br><br>Black metal chair: Spray paint, metallic craft paint for details. I created new seat from wood, foam, and fabric.<br><br>Upholstered chair: Fabric and sewing, slipcover is removable.
Great jobs! But got to agree with Iafnbear, next time add more details!
Amazing work! Some background info would be nice: techniques, materials used; done for resale or your own use?, etc.

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