Furry Elephant is an introductory-level robot project that aims to introduce robotics to people in a more familiar and appealing way. The robot interacts with various objects and people to reflect its characteristics and personalities. I designed the project with the below considerations in mind; 

Affordability - Made from affordable materials
Interactivity - Interact with people and other objects
Attractive -  Cute and furryy design
Technology - Use simple technology to demonstrate difficult electronic concepts

This project was inspired by the Robobrrd project.

Step 1: Plan Your Robot

Brainstorm and sketch out the look you would like to have for your robot; finalize the types of interaction that your robot will have

Here are the list of materials you will need for the elephant:

Wood or cardboard: 40cm (width)  x 20 cm (height)  X 0.5cm (thickness)
2 Servo motors
3 Popsicle sticks
Wires of various thickness 
1 photo resistor
1 reed switch
1 magnet 

Awww that's so cute. Its kind of like one of those Furbby things. :)
Haha, yes, I did look at Furbies to get some ideas!
Wow...that's really nice.
This is too adorable!

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