Introduction: Furry Monsters Behind the Windows

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"i always feel like... somebody's watching meeeeee!!! "
my house doesn't have a garden on the front. there is just this small windowed porch. i wasn't very inspired and i didn't want to spend money on the deco.

then all of a sudden yesterday i got THE idea.

list of materials :
-a piece of cardboard, or wood board if you intend to make something that will last longer
-a piece of faux fur (thick fur is better, you can even recycle a coat)
-thin cardboard
-some pins (or staples if you want it to last longer)
-cardboard angles

and the tools : cissors, cutter, felt-tip pens.

Step 1: The Tracking Eyes

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to make the eyes, i took inspiration from this other instructable

i took a glass, a small plate, and i drew the silhouettes on a yellowish thin cardboard. my son colored the pupil and cut out the eyes. i cut out an angle, then glued the rest (and adding some tape as the glue dries). when it was glued i added some black around the pupil for a better effect.

Step 2: The Monster's Body

Picture of The Monster's Body

i took a big cardboard and cut out an oblongue shape. for the big monster i glued some extra pieces of cardboard to make it stronger .

then i pinned the fur on it.
you can always add any detail you want, a mouth, a nose, ears, horns, arms... just pin them to the fur. (maybe i'll add horns later)

Step 3: Installation

Picture of Installation

i did the monsters knowing where i wanted to put them, but not knowing HOW i would do it.
lucky me, i always got some extra cardboard!
first i taped the eyes against the windows. then i put the monsters against the windows and taped the angles behind.

now the furry monsters are watching the street... following people who are passing by...

(i may add some curtains around them later)


Swansong (author)2017-10-23

Those are adorable! This is such a great idea for a kids' craft, it's simple and cute. :)

Riffifi (author)Swansong2017-10-23

thank you :D

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