Fused Plastic Bags and Accessories





Introduction: Fused Plastic Bags and Accessories

I started fusing plastic bags in April 2007. Since then I have made a lot of items such as purses, tote bags, shopping bags, cosmetic pouches, and pencil cases. I am drawn to bags with great colors and graphics, and I especially like bags from foreign countries. I always like to bring back bags when I travel and I have had some generous friends in other countries send me bags. I also enjoy making appliques from different colored plastic bags, creating my own designs. Here is a sampling of some of my items made from fused plastic bags.



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    Hey , wow , the black and blue bag with the heart is one white stripe away from being a Leather Pride flag.........very cool!  Seriously.(not sure if that was intentional...)

    Not just craft. Great designs!!

    I love the Old Bay bag! I'm from Maryland but live quite far from there now; your bag made me so happy! Where did you get the print for it?

    This stuff is really cool!!! I wish you would tell everyone how to do it :(

    I do tell how to do it, I have a whole tutorial posted. Check my other instructables.

    these are really cool...u should add how u made them

    I do have a whole tutorial on how to make them, check my other instructables.

    Fantastic creations! I have been trying to think of what to upholster cardboard furniture with, and your fused plastic creations have given me inspiration.

    I love your ideas! Gotta try the plastic fusing next (already knitted your christmas tree ;)