So this is a follow up to the 'Fusing Plastic Bag Butterflies ' instructables , just a bit more complicated and it uses layered plastic.
For this one you'll need :
  1. A plain shirt
  2. Plastic bags in your choses colors or patterns
  3. A notebook and markers in the colors you chose
  4. A piece of parchment paper ( or the backing of a sheet of labels)
  5. Scissors
  6. An iron
  7. Newspaper

Step 1: Draw out your design

So first draw out your design with the colors you chose for your plastic, just to get an idea.
That is crazy! Do you know how well this stands up in the wash? I have all of these colored sharpies too! I can't wait to try this :)
if you apply enough pressure and make sure there aren't any openings in the plastic it should stand up in the wash. try to get a fingernail under it if you can't it should hold up.

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