The cake of the future! Or at least of Futurama.
I made this cake for a fan of the show Futurama. If you haven't heard of it yet....go look it up silly! It's entertaining.
This cake is based on a screen from the opening credits and also includes some of the main characters in the form of cake pops. And this Instructable will show you how it's done!

Step 1: Supplies!

You'll need:
2 9-inch Round Cakes
1 8-inch Square Cake (Though shape doesn't matter because this becomes cake pops!)
Icing (Enough for the layer, to cover the cake once, and for making the cake pops)
Rolled Fondant (Bought or Made!)
Chocolate Melts (Red, Purple, White, Yellow, Orange, Gray - If you can't find these colors you'll have to make your own as I did)
Food Coloring (Blue, Black, and whatever other color you might need depending on the melts you were able to find.)
Lollipop/Cake Pop Sticks

Something to put the cake on! Preferably a stand.
Rolling Pin
Something to stick the pops in while working on them. I used a bit of foam.
Food grade paint brushes
Paper Towels
:) Good job
My hubby would love these Futurama cake pops! Gotta add these to the baking to-do list :)
This turned out super cute, well done!
Thank you! It was my first attempt at cake pops too.

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