Introduction: Futuristic Lego Pistol

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This is my futuristic lego pistol. Based off my PPK, it has only a few changes, such as the barrel length, the magazine, the ejection port, and the extra clip. In the land called ImaginatioN, this gun is a semi auto/biological weapon. The first clip shoots the biological darts, while the second mag shoots the regular bullets.

Step 1: Bullet Ejection Port

Picture of Bullet Ejection Port

The bullet ejection port up close

Step 2: Mags

Picture of Mags

Sadly, the only mag that can be reloaded and unloaded.

Step 3: Full Body

Picture of Full Body

The full body of the gun


Cubster (author)2015-09-02

Awesome. please make tutorial

Legoperson195 (author)2014-02-26

Like how you did the trigger

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