Futuristic Milk Pack Solar Toy Car


Introduction: Futuristic Milk Pack Solar Toy Car

Futuristic Milk Pack Solar Toy Car



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    Hey! I have students that are wanting to build this car for a class project but are in need of directions and/or list of materials. We all would appreciate your feedback!

    Where can you buy the wheels on the car off and what fabric is the yellow wings made out of?

    What is that kind of glue you used to put the yellow wings on?

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    paper to paper glue works fine, i used instant glue cause i didn't want to wait.

    Really cool!Well done
    Thats a cool toy car!
    Have a look at my entry for the contest
    Rated 4.5*

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    thanks friend,
    your car project is awesome, saw it, make more electronic things,
    i am following you :)

    I am currently making a robotic arm but due to some power supply problems it will take me some more time to finish the project and then I will make an ible on it(The parts itself take such a long time to arrive!)

    Yay!Thanks a lot, maybe you could rate it as well!Thanks again(And maybe comment)Ok Im getting greedy here!]