Picture of Fuzzy Crochet Bags
These fuzzy chalk bags are all constructed basically the same.  The instructions will detail  mostly the red elmo bag, but there will be short instructions for creating the detail on the other 3 at the end as well.

These were created as chalk bags but I have added a zipper and long purse straps (instead of the chalk bag belt loop) to create purses for my little nieces.


Lion Brand Fun Fur
Hilos La Espiga Size 9 in Black
Royal Fashion Crochet Thread size  3
Size F, H, I crochet hook
Worsted weight yarn for facial features

CH - chain
SC - single crochet
YO - yarn over

Step 1: Bag Bottom

Picture of Bag Bottom
With size H hook and Hilos la Espiga nylon thread, CH 17.

Row 1: SC in the 2nd CH from hook, and SC to the end.  CH 1 and turn. (16 sc total)

Row 2 - 8: Repeat Row 1 6 more times.  Finish off.

I checked the bag bottom against my regular chalk bag to verify correct size.
How would these bags fare in actual use? I'm guessing at the end of the day they would be all dusty and ratty from the climb.
loangb (author)  caitlinsdad1 year ago
I've made them for several of my climbing friends and they still look good! Some have had them for over a year. The bags are suprisingly sturdy. They have also been turned into purses for the kids (by adding long strap).
GrfxGawd1 year ago
I'm voting 'cause of Hello Kitty and Jack Skellington.