Introduction: FuzzyH Workshop for the "share Your Space" Contest

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I saw the share your space contest and thought, why not.  Its a good way to try out writting an instructable, and enter a contest. 

So Here is my go at it

Step 1: Workbench

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My workshop consists of a corner of the basement.  I am limited in space (all that I am allowed from the family CEO).  This is my workbench that has a

Step 2: To the Right...

Picture of To the Right...

Here is the main toolbox, drillpress, and where I hang up bags/cords, and some work clothes.  This "hides" some of the heavier tools in the back (old tablesaw, old miterbox, etc)

Step 3: Storage Area

Picture of Storage Area

Moving again to the right is where most "large" materials are stored.  Note that all the shelves dressers are on wheels to move around.

Step 4: Last Section

Picture of Last Section

A bit more to the right, past the furnace and hotwater tank, is my portable worktable and miter saw stand (for my 16 year old power miter  :) )


pfred2 (author)2011-02-12

I see a birdhouse on your workbench what sorts of projects do you usually do in your shop? I like the Project Notebook! Keeping one of those is a very good idea.

fuzzyhypothesis (author)pfred22011-02-14

Thank you. The projects range from computer repair/builds, to alot of different work working ones (shelves, custom moulding, boxes, playhouse, etc). The birdhouses are rain catchers my kids build at a Home Depot Kids Workshop. They are in the queue for a coat of paint or stain before we hang them up outside.

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