This is my best gun it has Awsome power and range, good accuracy and rate of fire, detachable magazine, high caliber bullets, strong build smoothe grips, textured butt,
and trigger gaurd

i would like to thank oblivitus and his z35 for the basic stock and rail designs as well as some insparation to the magazine


white: 20
blue: 22
yellow 111
orange 31
green  18
red  34
grey (2 joint) 5
grey (1 joint) 19
black( half-hole one joint) 2
tan clip 31
blue clips 8
y clips 23

black 1
grey 2
yellow 5
blue 44
white 79
green 230

grey 19
blue 7

# 18 elastics 19
some duct tape

Step 1: 1-26

1. make 2
2. make 2
3. make this
4. get these
5. assembal 2 of the panels with the blue rods
6. add the gray piece
7-8. add the other two panels
9. build this
10 attach the peice, this is the hardest step, i recomend pulling the layers apart as much as you can and putting the orange peices on one at a time and squishing them with the panels,
for the white bit you can rotate the panels to make room
11 get these
12 attach as shown
13 build this
14 attach
15 build this
16 attach
17 build these
18 attach as shown
19 build this
20 get these
21 assembel on gun
22 build this
23 get these
24 assembel on gun
25 get these
26 attach
I dont know why but, I like this!
Looks like a cruddy Z-35 rip off
Basically, a not-as-good Z35.
whats better about the z35 so i can fix it?
Making the handle thinner and the stock stronger will help.
Why not just build the Z35? It's not about "Fixing it", it's about "What exactly makes people want to build this over the gun it was based on?".
i love the magazine!
no prob!
im sorry but i have to agree wuth dj
It would help if you included a picture of the whole thing first.

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