Introduction: G.I. Joe ICBM

A small simple rocket made of aluminium foil, a match, and 2 needles all in about 45 seconds if you are fast

Step 1: Gather Materials

Aluminium Foil
2 needles
Matches (preferibly the paper ones, they have a larger head and weigh less, bud wooden ones kinda work too)

Step 2: Lay It Out

Take the match and place the needles along the match so that the tip of the needle is about at the middle of the match head Place the needels ontop of an approximately 1 x 1/2 inch sheet of aluminum foil

Like this(I know, bad pictures, sorry)

Step 3: Wrap It Up

Wrap it up very tight, and take care to make shure the needles dont move any, As all of the gas expands these will channel the gas out to propell the rocket, so this should be the only way the gas can get out, no gaps.

Then gentely remoove the pins, check to be shure they left openings against the stickfor the gas to leave.

Step 4: Launch It!

Just hold a lighter up to it and watch, on a good day these puppys can go about 10 feet.

DOND PICK IT UP, IT IS HOT! you wouldnt want to get a boo boo.

Now make a bizillion of them and shoot stuff.

Your first rocket probally work so well, EXPERIMENT!, change foil size, twist needles to give it a spin... make it work



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    for some reason mine dont fly they just shoot flames out the back

    These are great! They didn't go as far as i had hoped, but they were still pretty awesome! I used a half book of matches on this.

    "DOND PICK IT UP, IT IS HOT! you wouldnt want to get a boo boo. " Boo Boo! LOL!

    why cant begginners get COMPLETE instructions or am i that dumb.. after your little foil rocket is ready to go.is it attached to something else like a launch pad or another solid device that goes up with it?? just dont get it..how about some help

    What you do is once the foil is on then you put it on somehting to hold it horizontal or at say 45 degrees. It doesnt work to well for me if it is vertical. I dont think the match goes up too. Im sure just the foil and burnt head goes up. I could be wrong

    :D ill have to play with this and see if i can add a fuse and set em all off!

    do you have license to buy a fuse.

    hey i got mine to go about ten, twelve feet so nice job 10/10 stars ~laxrulz