Introduction: G2A2

this is my knex rifle
i'm not from the uk or england, so my english isn't always perfect,excuses for that.
when someone makes a mod for it, please contact me

oh yeah, its my first instructable so please give me a few good tips

have fun
and dont forget to rate!

Step 1: First Part of Barrel

make this
between every grey connectors are blue spacers on both sides
the last piece(right)must be a blue connector

Step 2: Second Part of Barrel and Trigger

thesame,without blue spacers
(there is no part underneath the trigger)

Step 3: Handle

make this

Step 4: Frame

...and this
you can replace the blue rods by white,they're not usefull anyway

Step 5: Butt of Rifle

make this...it's not hard
but i recommend you strongen it with grey connectors or other

Step 6: Firing Pin

u can use rope or rubberbands to prevent breaking of parts

Step 7: Sight

build this...also

Step 8: Assemble

this is where the barrel and the frame come together
notice there are blue spacers on the front rod of the sight

Step 9: Rubber Bands

attach rubberbands

Step 10: Loading and Firing

pull the firing pin back,put your ammo in(yellow rods or longer) between the two barrels
and fire



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Hey, you know that 40 cal. gun? you could shorten the barrel and put it under the barrel of the G2a2.

post a link so we know what your talking about

seems more like a sniper rifle to me... Great gun! nice power, accuracy and comfort! 7.5/10