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Hey guys! Well, this is my most recent creation, the Heckler and Koch G36K. I am really proud of this gun, it is efficient, accurate (both in shooting mech and looks), and a ton of fun to "play" with. My reason for building a G36K V.3 is twofold. Number one, I wanted to build a better, more accurate, and more piece efficient G36K, and number two...KnexGurl challenged me. XD

Nice sights
Comfortable body
Nice, accurate stock
Nice mag
Comfy handle and trigger guard
Looks almost exact
Ability to have modifications (see step #3 and picture #4)

Step 1: Main Body

Picture of Main Body

This step is for the main body. In this step you will build: the barrel, the chamber, the sight block, the handle, the mag well, the mechanism, the fake barrel, the carry handle, and the attachment bars (both underneath the barrel, and underneath the carry handle). If you run into any problems, bad pics or ineffective image-notes, just ask for help.

Step 2: Take a Break!

Picture of Take a Break!

Ya might want to take a brake, eat a cookie (I know that is what I'd do), all that building will hurt your fingers!

Step 3: Magazine and Stock

Picture of Magazine and Stock

Now, in this step you are gonna build the magazine and the stock (duh, hence the title). These steps should be in the right order, and the pics ought to have good quality. The mag is a nice 5.56 NATO model, and I use it in quite a few of my guns (ISSC MK22 RR, G36K V.2...). The stock is not very sturdy, but it does its job well. If you want a better stock, see step #4.

Step 4: Extras

Picture of Extras

Here we see just a bunch of extras. Different stock, red dot sight, ACOG sight, and a bi-pod. I like to show my attachments just to show you how customizable this gun really is. I love the G36K...considering I've built it like 10 times and like three different kids/versions. Have fun looking and "OOHing" and "AHHing." XD

Step 5: Ur Done! Yay!

Picture of Ur Done! Yay!

I hope you enjoyed building it, now go have fun shooting harmless citizens! Oh, don't forget to comment and subscribe!


Johnhall14 (author)2013-11-27

=) built and customized,had to change the front part for the grip. Now I have to see if I still have enough pieces for my under-barrel shotgun to add to this =)

Dude, it looks boss! Great job!

Thanks,I normally build everyone's guns when the post them but I haven't done that for a while so now I have like 50 guns to build XD

Triggerhappy101 (author)2013-04-09

OK, attempt #2 at building this gun O_o

O.K., have fun. =D

Still don't have enough y-rods. DARN IT

XD Man bro, tough bananas.

This gun was so cool, I wish I still had it built. D=

Then build it with this instructable ;)


Triggerhappy101 (author)2013-03-04

I dont see a mag pusher, what makes the ammo go up?

Well, you have to build that. All it is is a grey rod with a orange connecter on one end and red connecter on the other.

oh thanks but i cant finish it since i don't have the y-clips

OZKNEX22 (author)2013-01-28

Neat great gun

Thank you. What do you think of me making a Magpul PDR V.3?

Yeh why not but it needs instructions

Well, I decided against it. Right now I have a Walther MPL built.

-UNPREDICTABLE (author)2013-01-31

this is a great and neat gun very good well done

Thanks man.

SYMEN (author)2013-01-29

Okay, this may sound like a stupid question, and nobody probably does this anymore but, whenever people like killerk or bakenbitz or mepain ever used to go to a k'nex war years ago, did you guys ever notice how these types of guns are never brought to wars?Instead, it's always weapons like TR's, oodammo pistols, shotguns that use killerk's shells, and NAR's. I've never seen anybody go to a k'nex war with a working model gun and start shooting people with it. I think it's because they're impractical is the reason why they're not brought to wars. I just asked to see if anyone else ever wondered the same thing I did. Nice gun by the way red.

I have noticed the same thing. I find that models, while they may shoot, and shoot well, they are not at all practical. Thanks man.

Your welcome.

Thanks. Well, The stock is actually too short, as the original G36K is 38 in. long...and mine is only 33 - 34 in. The trigger is fine actually. Again, thanks man.

CODawesome (author)2013-01-24

beast gun!! but wat is the function of the 'knob'?

Which knob? And thanks man.

ryry2011 (author)2013-01-24

It looks great but when the trigger is underpresser from the ram do it show any indication of breaking? And when the ram is pulled back is the trigger like rigjt next to the mag? But over all i like the looks. and i dont know why but did you do the g36k becuase it is easyer or becuase you like it more. if you would like i would love to see a g36c. in the near future i plan i doing a g36c my self.

Well, the FP block has never broken, if that answers your question. Is the trigger right up next to the mag sides? Nope...plenty of room there for you finger. The G36C? 'ibles has a ton of them...and none of them are very good. I was thinking about building one, but I thought that people would not appreciate it, after all, it would only be a slight mod to my G36K. Why do I like to build the G36K...I don't know. Probably because it just looks so cool. :-)

Vaetheon (author)2013-01-22

Very nice but I still like mine better and I don't feel bad :)

I thought you might say so... :-)

This one has a full 'ible though.

Yeah. just putting it out there, but your stock is just a little too high that's why mine is connected weird so it's lower

I understand. I think mine is fine, but I get what you are saying. Thanks.

You are welcome

Element Force (author)2013-01-21

Wow! thats an awsome G36!!

Your Welcome ;)

daredevil499 (author)2013-01-22


Thanks man. Are you working on anything ATM?

yeh I am working on a knex cd rack, and i may post some of my music,:D


i write music and may record myself and post it

TheAwesomestDude (author)2013-01-22


your welcome

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-01-22

This looks so beautiful XP

Awe thanks. =P

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