Introduction: G36K

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My latest replica. One of my new favorite guns I have ever made. What's cool about this gun? Well, it has a removable mag, and a mag release. IT also has a built in sight, a carrying handle, a cool trigger, and rails on the bottom. And to top it all off, it has good range! (55 feet)

Good looks
good range+accuracy
mag release
shoots grey connector+green rod ammmo

1 in 20 shots messes up (couldn't fix it)
Not to be used in war (not the most reliable gun...)

Get building!

*WARNING! This weapon is not for people who have faint hearts, epilepsy, or allergies to awesome.*

Step 1: Barrel

Let's get started! Just follow the pictures, and the occasional image note.

Step 2: Break!

Take a seat in this really comfy chair...... then keep building!

Step 3: Body/stock

This is a really long step. Be prepared!

Step 4: Put It Together!

Alright, let's put it together.

Step 5: Magazine

The place where the bullets go.

Step 6: Banding+loading & Firing.

Just look at the pictures.



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    thas look to denegrus

    I wasn't too impressed with the jamming so I changed the trigger to the ghost 3.0 trigger like Cheezpaper said. Then the ammo and mag had a few problems so I decided to replace it with an ammo I already knew worked. Balljoint-green rod-orange con-half a green rod. And to do this I just lengthened the mag well by 1 white connector. So in the end I have a 17 round version of killer safe cracker's mag for my new mag. And this works very well for me. However I think that in reality this gun would now fire a 7.62×51mm NATO instead of the 5.56×45mm NATO rouns.

    Your hard work can be seen in your work and u should be proud for it.Fantabulous work. You will go a long way.
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    Thank goodness I'm not :D

    It looks ok but it has a rail system though so its not the same as this knex one =( it is JG though which is an upside, but I personaly dont like the g36 series whith the upper rail system.

    My xm8 is more reliable. I personally prefer my xm8

    It's right in the first freaking picture.

    I mean it dosn't look like a g36k, and I change my opinion, it awesome

    lol, if I had remembered to take a picture from the side, you'd see it.

    i agree with luke11wolf and you need to make the stock look like a g36k stock by making it hollow search the gun on google images

    i dont make it becouse it can shoot i just make it becouse it looks awsome! thats it shoots is a nice extra -.^

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    An internal pusher would have been good, mind.