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I do not want to post this as it is now part of my version of I_am_canadian's cannon v2. However, I have posted a slideshow to show you all that I do actually sometimes build something! Credits to theDunkis for the mag. I find it sturdier and more accurate than Trauts' one, but less powerful.

1: The gun. Pink socks!
2: The adjustable sight. Slides the whole length of the rail.
3: FPS view through the sight. With forward iron sight also.
4: The mag, hinges used so the sides flex slightly, allowing it to be clipped in easily.
5: The stock and butt. Removable, with cheekplate in line with the sights, and a flexible butt.


didexo (author)2012-11-02

Ah looking back now :)

knexguy (author)didexo2012-11-26

Don't remind me :P

didexo (author)knexguy2012-11-26

Haha :)

PotatoCoffee (author)2012-09-04

Weahoah, loving the socks. Sorry I had to say that.

knexguy (author)PotatoCoffee2012-09-04

Everyone comments on the socks... though I guess it's better they do that than concentrate on the monstrosity I somehow mistook for a G36C back in the day.

PotatoCoffee (author)knexguy2012-09-05

Ahh well it was one of your early guns.

TheAwesomestDude (author)2012-08-31

luv ur socks

The Jamalam (author)2009-08-28

I like your socks :)

scottyneutron (author)2009-03-29

hey i dont hav many pecies since i have the screamin serpent rollercoaster,and i need to find an instructable pistol,shotgun,ect, if u guys would help me out and send me an instructable @ that would be great.

hellpilot (author)2008-09-10

Funky socks!

knexguy (author)hellpilot2008-09-11

Topman! Thanks, I've got orange ones too.

DrWeird117 (author)knexguy2008-12-21

"You are what you eat." Looking at THOSE socks, I'd say you consumed a few too many fruitcakes last holiday. Just kidding, just kidding.

knexguy (author)DrWeird1172008-12-21

Lol, I'm actually wearing them right now.

DrWeird117 (author)knexguy2008-12-21

Keepin' warm, eh?

knexguy (author)DrWeird1172008-12-21


DrWeird117 (author)knexguy2008-12-21


builder968 (author)2008-12-13

doesnt look alot like a g36c, especially the stock. still cool, though.

Skreetsha (author)2008-09-25

a sweet gun dude! btw nice socks :)

knexguy (author)Skreetsha2008-09-26

Thanks, for both things!

Skreetsha (author)knexguy2008-09-26

youre welcome :)

ninjusk (author)2008-09-19

r u a girl or do u like pink with stars

knexguy (author)ninjusk2008-09-22

[None of the above] :) LOL

ninjusk (author)knexguy2008-09-22

than what

knexguy (author)ninjusk2008-09-23

Don't know why that came as a link! I do like pink with stars, and I am a guy. Any problems?

ninjusk (author)knexguy2008-09-23

no none here

knexguy (author)ninjusk2008-09-24


Katarukito (author)2008-09-11

doesn't look like a g36-c

knexguy (author)Katarukito2008-09-12

I know, I branched out from the concept a bit to make it perform better.

Vynash (author)2008-09-10

looks.... ok but try to upgrade it a little

knexguy (author)Vynash2008-09-11

It's gone.

Vynash (author)knexguy2008-09-11

oh ok...

TheDunkis (author)2008-09-10

Meh not bad. Seems like it would be decent. Lol yeah I don't know how that's completly my mag considering you took out both the curve and the removeable features out of it. And yeah that magazine trauts used was mine... Nice work!

knexguy (author)TheDunkis2008-09-11

The curve ddin't really work, but the hinges helped the sides to bend in a little so it was easier to clip in.

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