Introduction: G4 Powerbook Virtical Lines Screenfix

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I haven't got tiny hands to fix the tiny electricals inside these lcd screens but i have got wood and screws :)

Step 1: The Lines Dissapear With Pressure

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if you bend the top of the screen these lines dissapear.. in my case here three points of pressure made em vanish.. i made a general mesurement of these points.

Step 2: Stuff Needed

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for a non elegant but a fix none the less i used a strip of wood almost the length of the screen... three screws at the previously measured points.. then tape wrapped around the screws to prevent scratching and further adjustment of pressure.

Step 3: The Completed Fixbar

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here it is assembled... the screws offset to allow the screen to fit between the middle screw and the two outside ones.. to create the gentle bend... an option here to paint it white and draw an apple on it in crayon i prefered mine raw

Step 4: Thats It ... Nice :)

Picture of Thats It ... Nice :)

ok it would look nice in brushed aluminium etc. but this is a cheap fix instead of buying a new lcd... it seems to be a tendancy with mac fix forums for people to suggest buying a new bit... i prefer my fix and it helps to destroy the overly nice mac sleek design too :)


bleachworthy (author)2006-10-19

I had an old toshiba tecra 720 cdt way back when, and the screen did the same damn thing. I just twore mine down, and one of the connectors for the ribbon cable, was busted, so i ordered a new one off ebay for $0.25, and it worked like new. I don't advise "bending" those, because in the top of the screen, is a VERY delicate cold cathode flourecent lamp, with is hard to get ahold of, and a bitch to replace. bending it is the best way to break that lamp.

itouch15 (author)bleachworthy2010-09-03


leevonk (author)bleachworthy2006-10-20

toxic gases will be released if you break the cold cathode, but they can be replaced:

Wayne Randall (author)2006-10-20

Who cares... Wear a gas mask! Nice fix!

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