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Started with basic storage shelving rack made from odd scraps of sawn 2"X3" and ply shelving. To this added a few draws made from old plastic storage containers slung below shelf.
Mounted unit on wheels as space is tight and helps if I need to use garage for construction projects.A few pieces of ply around shelf preevnt things falling off.

Step 2: The END

Picture of The END
Had some old wine racks so mounted these to rear panel to give storage for the many cans and bottles I have.Thats it.
georion4 years ago
Love it !!!except for the old wine racks to hold cans of paint &bottles --(my opinion -wasted space--shelves wold hold Many, Many more cans of spray paint--i am going to build this,,with this one change!!!!!!!!! Thanks.
Bighead (author)  georion5 months ago

Shelves need more space and allow cans to fall over [mobile unit]and more difficult to select.

DeanAshby1 year ago
I have always wanted a mobile storage cabinet for my garage. It is really necessary because things in a garage always need constant shifting around here and there as there are always going to be movements. I like your idea of installing additional storage in between the shelves by fixing the extra plastic storage containers. That is very clever! Thanks for sharing your practical storage solution idea with us. It will definitely benefit many out there.
ceknight4 years ago
Like the shelves and using scrap material which I am a big fan of. Only comment I have is that if you have excess wine racks lying around... you're not drinking enough wine! :)
I agree with you ceknight!! NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WINE!!! lol. Nice one!
Your project has just helped me make further plans for storage solutions in both the utility/storage room of house and the exterior storage building/workshop. As a smaller female I couldn't find good horizontal storage (like traditional cabinet-style) that wasn't harder to access and deal with than was worth the effort. Having to get out a ladder to see what, say, canned food is stored in the rear of the top pantry shelf is just too much given how often I cook and prepare food, plus the idea of "out of the way" storage space typically suggests storing the bulky, heavy, rarely used items in those areas...except I can't move them from those places when I DO need them so that idea contradicts my needs as well.

These mobile storage units solve a LOT of my storage issues. Being able to turn them to see and access each side of the unit will make life SO much easier. Great job and thanks for sharing!
RHSeabrook4 years ago
Great idea, looking for something like this for my garage.  However, although "common sense" may be valid in putting this together, I believe the detail in the creation of said object is the entire point of this site, no matter how basic the steps may be.  You never know when one of your steps may spark someone else's "common sense" in improving on a good thing.  I have some old flashing left over from a gutter install job which can be used for the brackets for a 3/4" thick piece of plywood shelf.  Again, great idea, just be a little more generous on the detail. ;)
Udon5 years ago
It''s a real nice shelf, but a bit disappointing that you didn't have any other steps. You can't add some more photo's?
That would make it really more clear...
lucek5 years ago
not much of an ineluctable. I know it's just a shelf but no plans, no pictures of it in progress, no comment about the draws we can see.
Bighead (author)  lucek5 years ago
It's so simple , no need for drawings, should be obvious as to it's construction to anyone with a little common sense.
lucek Bighead5 years ago
then why is it an instructable?
if it is as you say nothing but "common sense" what's it's reason for being?
it's like if someone made an instructable for a paper airplane without telling you how to fold it. if you assume competency of your readers then it is useless, if you don't then there isn't enough to be of help to people under that threshold.
sorry bighead but I have to agree with lucek, he is right, that's why this page is called instructables... right?.

By the way nice shelf ;).
Very useful,it can be used outdoor alaso. Good idea and great job.
radiorental8 years ago
how did you do the sliding bins?
Bighead (author)  radiorental8 years ago
Sliding bin on runners that can be purchased or simply made with a little 'C' section of aluminum or plastic.I just happen to have a few pairs of the purpose made ruuners.
techlore8 years ago
Simple And Effective. Love the re-use component. Especially the re-use of the can rack. Good job.