Introduction: ∴ GARDEN THING ∴

I saw this in a garden in San Francisco and I decided I wanted one! This is a really easy 3 step instructable.


collect some stones long and thin, and one bigger.
glue the little stones perpendicular to the big one, like in the photo.

Step 2: PAINT EYES (white)

make 2 little dots on each stone with white waterproof paint

Step 3: PAINT EYES (black)

make 2 little dots on each stone with black waterproof paint

Step 4: DONE!

this thing look really nice in the garden



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Such a cute project! So simple, yet so lovely! Definitely will try it :)

I think I used some pattex glue, that was also for stones

Can't wait to make these but what type of glue did you use???

Yep, these are too adorable and I have to make some....if I can find rocks that will work. I also have to make some of your cairns for the yard. I love Cairn Terriers and we've fostered somewhere around 70 since October of 2001. I think cairns of rocks are perfect along with these big-eyed rock clusters. I need to find rocks for the cairns too. ;) You are such a multi-talented person, Marcella and an inspiration.

This is absolutely adorable! I like it even without the black eyes painted in. Thank you for sharing.

Hi. Thank you for great idea I changed it a little but it was a perfect gift for my sister. I added a "grass" and used gypsum to "glue" it because I didn't have so powerful glue at home. (please excuse my english) :)


That's too cute, I like how you made the hair!

Thanks for posting the photo

These things are totally stinkin' adorable!!! LOL!I can just appreciate creating them, not even related to a garden!! They are just adorable! Did you paint the rocks so they would be almost exactly alike? Do you create any of them with the "concrete looking" mixture? If so does it work well?! If not why not??!! LOL! I am going to totally love being at your site and enjoying the items that I've just seen today since I just located your site! Thanks SO much for sharing these and the other items I've seen. These are just precious!! Thanks Again! I can't wait to stock up on items needed and get busy creating!! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent and the incredible gift of creating such adorable items!