Picture of GBA Flash Drive Mod
i was bored and my flash drive case broke but it still worked so i modded it into an old GBA game.
check out how i did it . enjoy!!

Step 1: The thing ur goin 2 need

Picture of the thing ur goin 2 need
1.Old GBA game
3.A sheet rock knife
4.Tiny flat head screw driver
5. Black tape
thecoolhobo3 years ago
I plan on doing this with an original Gameboy game does know how to get the screw on the back off?
my mom had a flathead screwdriver made for eye glasses and it fit well... just a thought
chaosvoider5 years ago
 It probably would be even cooler with the LED if you used a GBA game that had a see-thru cartridge (like the pokemon games). Even better would be if you could flip it so you could sorta protect the connector from dust or something, haha!

Awesome idea! I might try with an old GB game instead since they're easier to come by in my house.... and probably less risk of getting stolen at school... :D
Merloc505 years ago
PSPerson5 years ago
nice. the only thing i don't like is how wide it is, otherwise i'd totally do it!
GhostBoyHiro (author)  PSPerson5 years ago
thanx im in da works of trying dis out wit a gameboy pocket cartridge and turning my gameboy pocket into a mini external hard drive maybe with like 3 flash drives in it
also, it would be cool if you took a broken GBA and modded a usb port into it. put the kart in and you are connected to usb.
JasonMyers6 years ago
It would be a good idea to make it so that the plug part folds out, instead of jutting out of the bottom. I've never tried to mod one of these before, so I don't know if that would work.
amakerguy6 years ago
Neat. Heres mine I made...
Create1236 years ago
Cool!! Is this an easy project??
GhostBoyHiro (author)  Create1236 years ago
yea it kind of is if u have all of the tools and things needed dat i listed but other then dat yea if u try it out send me a video or picture of how urs came out just like some of my other fans of my mod.
Pretty cool!
EnigmaMax6 years ago
just out of curiosity, what game did the GBA cartridge contain?
GhostBoyHiro (author)  EnigmaMax6 years ago
it was a rom game i found at a flea market and i didn't like da game so i use it 4 dis project and it worked out fine
...but, what was the game?
Nameless376 years ago
now make your gameboy advanced into a usb hub lol. so you slide the cartridge in like a game and have storage!
GhostBoyHiro (author)  Nameless376 years ago
sounds like a new project but i already made a nes controller hub but dat could work out 2 im goin 2 try it but i need a GBA 2 WORK WITH IF SOME ONE WOULD LIKE 2 DONATE THERES dat would be kool.
PCDude21436 years ago
I actually did something similar to this, except I Dremeled a hole in the side of the cartridge because I didn't want the thing to be so wide. A wide flash drive tends to have difficulty fitting into small spaces.
mg0930mg6 years ago
Nice tutorial. It seems pretty good.
deathorange7 years ago
Thanks for the tutorial i made my own but the bsu is further to the left than yours because i wouldent of been able to fit the screw in otherwise.
O and i used a 1.4mm flat screw driver no special one nedded.

GhostBoyHiro (author)  deathorange7 years ago
thanx bro 4 showin me urs i like dat idea, im glad people are lookin at my tutorial on dis it was a first time thing and i need a case 4 my broken flash drive hope 2 see many others like urs and ur a true fan of my work and i do love sonic so nice tough on dat.
Mind the weird thing is i bought that sonic game of one of my friends before the holidays and my exact words were "ill find something todo with it" and i did thanks to you great tutorial. P.S Mind if got a big project in the works at the minute im making a ipod wireless dock out of a old ps1 a old ipod dock and some wireless gear.
reedz7 years ago
That makes me so sad to hear "OLD Game Boy Advance Game"
GhostBoyHiro (author)  reedz7 years ago
sry but dats wat i think of them im sad 2 now we have ds games boo hoo!! lol
GhostBoyHiro (author) 7 years ago
this is my first mod try it out and send me pix of wat ur looks like. im hoping to make something better soon. but i would like to see more people trying dis out. thanx 4 checkin it out and comment me on any questions or if u have any other gud ideas 4 me as 2 wat 2 mod next.