Introduction: GBB Free Airsoft Mods, Increase Fps M92

this is my first instructable and not the best but here it goes.
my gun was weak and would not blow back all the way and not re-load.
what i did was remove the valve in the clip the one the hammer strikes and cut 2 of the legs off of it so that more gas can escape making it i high flow valve.

the 2nd thing i did was add some electrical tape to the spring guide to give it more tention and be able to cycle faster.

all in all it seems to work way better and now there is more kick and shoots alot faster giving it new life, it seems to shoot better than the day it came out of the box when i first got it.


XxsonicxX made it! (author)2012-07-25

is this a We bretta m92

cmlucht made it! (author)cmlucht2012-07-25

It is a we, it's a little cheaper brand but mg favorite.

XxsonicxX made it! (author)XxsonicxX2012-07-25

Yeah sometimes when you are running out of gas in the gun, it will nake the slide go out, but not as far a normal. I might get one and use this instructable later. :)

xinistrom made it! (author)2012-02-15

aren't higher pressure valves available anyway though?

cmlucht made it! (author)cmlucht2012-02-15

they are but its a free mod instead of going out and spending money and it takes a few mins, no driving, waiting, spending.