GBLP V1 (Giant Breach-Loading Pistol)





Introduction: GBLP V1 (Giant Breach-Loading Pistol)

Here is my Giant Breach-Loading Pistol. It's really just something I threw together in an hour or two, so it's nothing really special except for it's awesome looks and top breach. Also it's over a foot long, which isn't exactly typical for a pistol. But that just makes it look awesome, in my opinion.

-Looks awesome
-Shoots 40-50 feet
-Good sights
-Easy and quick reload

-Lots of broken pieces



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    Looks kinda generic.

    If you read the description then maybe you would see that I made this gun in like an hour. It's not meant to be innovative or super amazing, it's just something I thought I would post cause it looks awesome.

    Dude what camera is that?!

    Good gun BTW :P

    The camera is a NIKON D70s. It's my dad's; he lets me use it for my k'nex guns. And thanks.

    Pretty good. Nothing much to say: good design, nice handle, good distance; if only everyone posted quality things like this. I'll vote once it's entered into the contest. :D

    Not Bad.jpg

    Thank you!!! I see you went pro! My RMDSS v1 earned me a free 3 month pro membership.

    Yes, my featured instructable earned me three months, and then Mikeasaurus gave me a free year. I'm going to have pro for a while, luckily. :D I hope you catch a similar break. :3